He’s Just Not That Into You!

Or as Glenn Reynolds might say, another rube self-identifies.

Some people catch on slower than others. In this case one of our foremost legal minds has just figured out that, by golly, maybe Barack Obama isn’t quite the great friend of the Jewish people his Jewish supporters insisted he was.

Oh, well.

But let’s not be too hard on Dersh. Anyone can make a mistake. And it’s not like Obama’s animus towards Israel was obvious or anything.

8 thoughts on “He’s Just Not That Into You!”

  1. To understand Obama takes some conspiracy theorizing. He described himself as Kenyan in some of his early writing and , probably, applying to Columbia and Harvard. We know how carefully Harvard vets minority applicants after Senator Fauxcahontas.

    Second, he has gotten major help from the Arab and Palestinian world via Khaledi and Said. Some have alleged financial and/or influence aid at Harvard.

    Certainly, Valerie Jarrett has some odd connections.

    Tony Rezko, aside from being a swindler and felon, has another odd background.

    Soon after beginning his career as a civil engineer, Rezko started in real estate buying vacant lots and developing single family residences and investing in fast-food restaurants, including the first Subway in Chicago. Many properties were in lower-income African American neighborhoods.[2][5] Then, meeting Jabir Herbert (J.H.) Muhammad, former manager of heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali and son of the late Nation of Islam leader, Elijah Muhammad, he was asked in 1983 to support the successful mayoral candidacy of Harold Washington. Muhammad’s company, Crucial Concessions, which Rezko went to work for in 1984, won a food contract at the Lake Michigan beaches and in many South Side parks after Washington became the first black mayor of Chicago. Rezko put together endorsement deals for Ali, became the executive director of the Muhammad Ali Foundation, and traveled the world with Ali for five years.[2]

    That’s after being born in Syria.

    The story of Obama will eventually come out but not for years. I don’t think he is “The Manchurian Candidate” but he does have odd associations that fit closely with anti-Semitism.

  2. What happens when large scale buyers remorse sets in TWO elections in a row, and both times there’s a run on firearms?

    If firearms and ammunition sellers and manufacturers were banks they’d be insolvent.

    I love the rubes who saw their taxes go up last week. That’s nothing. We have to increase tax receipts to 34% of GDP to 39% of GDP to break even nationally.

    I’m interested that nationally pensions are only $100 Billion behind Health care in costs.

    Never mind Hitler and Stalin fantasies. We’re just going to have our 401Ks nationalized and be taxed every other way into penury. That’s the tyranny we’ll get.

  3. At least Dershowitz admits that the Hagel appointment is not a good thing for Israel. Plenty of Obama’s sycophants in what passes for the “leadership” of the American Jewish community won’t even admit that, and insist that Hagel at DOD is just fine and dandy.

    Of course, if you had suggested to these Jewish “leaders” in 2008 that Obama might pick someone like Hagel for a position with implications for Israel’s security, they would have snorted at you with derisive laughter and dismissed you as a crank.

  4. “But let’s not be too hard on Dersh.”

    Why not? He’s a tough guy, and turnabout is fair play. He voted for whom he wanted, now he’ll get what he deserves.

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