Art of the Remake IX

“When I talk to Loretta, she makes me feel like number one!”

The Nervous Eaters, Loretta (1976)

Classic Boston early punk rock. Rough and satisfying.

Neko Case, Loretta (2004)

A nice (dare I say superior) remake by Miss Case, who has exquisite taste in covers.

(I have always thought the original version sounded like it grew out of a jam based on the Velvet Undergound’s White Light / White Heat. But that is just a guess.)

5 thoughts on “Art of the Remake IX”

  1. Jeez…talk about dredging up the past. Saw them open up for somebody? in a smoke filled UMASS gymnasium in what had to have been pre-’76 Not bad as I remember it, but not on par with Boston’s “Shittons” who played the student union around the same time.

  2. Will:


    Did you ever see DMZ? Reddy Teddy? Willie Alexander? The Real Kids? The Infliktors? La Peste? The Neighborhoods? The Lyres?

    Did you go to the Rat in the 70s?

    What years were you in Boston seeing bands?

  3. The Neighborhoods, and Willie Alexander numerous times. The Lyres, once as I remember it. The others, no. Although from Mass, I spent more time in Providence. 75-79 I was in the military and away from the area. After being abused by punks at CBGB’s for having a military “baby-killer” haircut my amusement with the scene dimmed appreciably.

  4. New York punks, what assholes.

    In Boston crew cuts were punk.

    I had short hair. It was cool to have short hair.

    Providence had a good scene. I saw the Neighborhoods at The Living Room, once.

  5. Yah, the original Living Room, The Met, and my old haunt, Lupo’s. I wasn’t immersed in the “scene” per se, more it was usually the case that we’re headed out, we peruse the listings in the Phoenix, and pick the most alarming/amusing option; “oh look, Rash Of Stabbings!, that ought to be a howl”. This often provided mixed results. I witnessed the horror that was G.G. Allin, I got a close look at Wendy Williams complexion, etc. The Tubes Valentines Day show was always a sure bet for some type of medical emergency. How did we survive it all?

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