Images from 19th Century Crimea

Some time ago I found these images while googling about the Crimean War:

The first picture is full sized in this post, the full sized version of the second one is here (you still might have to enlarge the picture manually)

They are from the website of the Library of Congress, but unfortunately they seem to have changed the URLs, so that I can’t provide a proper link to where I got them from. They used to be here, but there now are images of people I’m taking for Crimea Tartars instead.

4 thoughts on “Images from 19th Century Crimea”

  1. I think the second one is Nilova Monastery in Tver Oblast. You can see a color version of it here.

    I couldn’t find very much in the Prokudin-Gorskii archive when I searched for Crimea or Tatar. There is a lot if one searches for the term “Black Sea.”

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