Girl Genius is down due to DNS

For a certain style of geek, the week is not complete without stopping by Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to dip into the mad science world of Girl Genius, a creation of Phil and Kaja Foglio. The series is a three time hugo award winner, twice winning an Eisner award, and three time winner of the Web Cartoonist choice awards. In other words, it’s very good.

But like many of their mad scientist creations, they’ve been let down by a minion, and their domain has expired. You can, however still reach it via IP number. But curses, the actual comic does not use relative addressing so you have to plug that in separately, like this to get Monday’s tasty bit of a world where mad science rules.

5 thoughts on “Girl Genius is down due to DNS”

  1. A whois query reveals they last updated the sites DNS database today. I imagine DNS fell down for a bit as they scurried to renew their name.

    My stuff gets rolled over automatically and I am notified well ahead of the various ‘due dates’. Any competent webhosting ISP should so this.

  2. PenGun – Yes, they updated but they did it after I posted. Nothing you said is inconsistent with my “let down by a minion” story. And of course it’s now back up.

    IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully In All 57 States And Some Canadian Provinces – I love XKCD. The only down side is that I can’t access the alt text jokes on my Ipad. I do most of my comics consumption when I’m on the move or otherwise in mandated down time.

  3. TM Lutas,

    If you want to see the xkcd alt-text on a tablet or other browser that doesn’t support it, you can hit the forum threads for the individual comics.

    Each thread begins with the comic, its alt-text, and then a super special alt-alt-text comment for the truly devoted xkcd’ers.

    The forums are also the place to go if you don’t quite get the joke for a particular comic.

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