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One reason that I am pro-immigrant is that I think that many immigrants — and certainly the immigrants I most want to encourage — are highly appreciative of the American system. Coming from countries where government controls more of the economy and where public officials are more corrupt, they are often grateful for the opportunities that our economy provides.

In contrast, as the school year begins, my daughter in high school is being inundated with the typical anti-American propaganda of the Left. She is bombarded with lessons claiming that America “controls” too much of the world’s wealth, that we are racist and uncaring, that we spoil the environment, etc.

Arnold Kling (here)

(Some of the same points I was making here.)

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  1. I would ask you to show specifics when you claim that high schools are teaching your daughter that Americans are racist etc Name the school and show how and where. I think you are simply making this up!

    As for immigration: we all favor it, or most of uys. But we like it to be LEGAL immigration…most of those on the Left in fact have come from parents who were the children of immigrants or were themselves immigrants. In my experience it is the Right, the American firtsters, who dislike The Outsiders, the Others, legal or otherwise.

  2. Nathan,
    At Loara High School in Anaheim, Ca. one of my children’s teachers constantly fed his students the leftist party line. America is bad, America is racist, America has rich people in it, and rich people are bad. This man actually thought Fahrenheit 9/11 was a documentary. It got so bad that when he would start spouting off all the kids in the class would automatically look to my son to refute him, which he often did, with facts. (not Michael Morre “true facts”, the real kind).
    My daughter had to quit her job because the Mexican immigrants treated her so poorly. They talked about her in Spanish without realizing that she could understand what they were saying. They called the white girls “whores” and other delightful terms. When one of the girls got her citizenship papers one of the Americans said, “Congratulations, you are an American now,” She said “I am full blooded Mexican, I am only here for a the job”. Loara High School has gone from 93% white to 65% Mexican in 20 years. Immigration, both legal and illegal, changes the lives of the Americans closest to it, and most of that change is negative. It like my neighborhood, but it would be nice if more than a handful spoke to me or attended my annual 4th of July party, to which everyone is invited. Immigration and illegal immigration helps some people (mostly the immigrants) and hurts others. Personally, I enjoyed living in Orange County a lot more before it was illegally changed by immigration. The last time I saw a blond (besides my own children) I was visiting Huntington Beach. Although immigrants may have the right to change the restaurants, shops and politics of an area it still hurts the citizens to have their past replaced by somebody else’s present. I can’t describe the sense of loss when I drive past places I hung out at as a child to find them replaced by stores with signs in other languages beside English, that sell things I would never want. I mean, what am I going to do with a Koran? In my area we have Little Saigon, Little Gaza, Korea town, Greater Mexico and very little of what I grew up with.
    Thanks for reading this. Writing things down helps. In regards to illegal immigration I have written all my Federal elected officials (all Democrat women, how’s that for diversity?) and asked them what Federal laws I get to break. I’ll let everyone know what is on the list when they respond.

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