How often do governments just make restrictions up?

In an interesting aside regarding security preparations for the 2013 Bilderberger meeting, it came out that a number of no parking signs put up to prevent “vehicles parking on the verge of the Old Hempstead Road” were fraudulent, no law banning parking existed. This is something of a public service the Bilderberger group has provided to the citizens of Watford. Their government is perfectly capable of just making stuff up and restricting liberty on a fraudulent basis. This would not normally be something that would come to light. After all, who checks such trivial matters that the no parking signs on a particular street or verge are actually backed up by legislation establishing that parking is not allowed? You’d have to be a moral cretin to endanger the legitimacy of the state over so small a matter. Yet such moral cretins seem to be in power in Watford. How would you know whether they are not in power in your neck of the woods? It is not so easy to tell.

7 thoughts on “How often do governments just make restrictions up?”

  1. It’s damn near everywhere. There is a bureaucratic arrogance contagion in full epidemic mode all over the world.

  2. Anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with the open-carry movement know this kind of sh*t is routine.

  3. LOL. Any authority of a public area, be it local town council or whatever has the power, in any area I know about, to regulate parking on an ad hoc basis as needed.

    You guys are crazy and getting crazier.

  4. PenGun, your knowledge is truly encyclopaedic–you know more, for example, than the town councillors and police officials quoted in the article do about the state of the local law in their own localities.

    How do you do it???

  5. PenGun – of course parking regulations can be enacted by local authorities. But that can only happen if you follow established procedures, often taking time and costing money. How much cheaper and easier is it to just put up a few signs and skip all that tedious rule of law stuff. The difference between a civilized and free state and a tyranny rests in large part in going through those tedious due process procedures. If they can’t be bothered with the small inconvenience of legally setting up a no parking zone, how much could you possibly rely on the government there if something actually important was going on that inconvenienced the powers that be?

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