19 thoughts on “Because nothing says ‘Old World Charm’ like a bong shop”

  1. Could you please click oh ‘refresh, please? I remove a tag.

    Which browser are you using? Users of Unternet Explorer had a problems seeing ikmages recently, but after I inserted the ‘width’ and ‘heigh’ tags it worked for them.

  2. M. Simon,

    it would be illegal to display them in America, as an advertizing to sell them. Putting images of an undisclosed shop online isn’t.

    Thanks for tellig me about the browser.

  3. Actually there are many bong shops throughout America. The trick is labeling them as “tobacco water pipes” which are perfectly legal. In fact, most tobacco shops around here have a bong or two for sale along with the traditional tobacco pipes.

    In fact, smoking real, honest-to-god tobacco through one of those monster hookahs is quite an experience in its own right. Quite different from your favorite cigarette or cigar…

  4. so what …its a head shop where stoners can get there supplies that they want. Its not illegal to sell tobacco products if the buyer is over the leagal age of 18..i dunno why people bitch when they see all that. if you look at it people actually spend alot of time to make these works of art and to be honost they look quite dope. so what if someone burns a few bong hits in there house. its pot its not like being drunk. the only harm stoners have on society is the local 7-11 for the emergency munchies

  5. Dude, you may need to ask someone who knows Austin better than Ralf does. Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce?

  6. Dude, Austin bong shop? 30 seconds on Google discloses this. If a non-druggie like me can do this, you can too. Just put down that weed for a while and get your MIND together enough to do some typing, and you should be OK.

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