Lois Lane Tries Computer Dating, in 1961

Saw this comic book cover displayed at the Computer History Museum last summer:











…had to search around the Internet to find the story. It seems that a friend, knowing that Lois will never get anywhere with Superman, tricks her into appearing on a TV program in which the UNIVAC computer is used to find ideal matches for people. When she is called on stage, Lois agrees only because she thinks it might make a good story for the newspaper.

How does it turn out? You can read the whole story here.

2 thoughts on “Lois Lane Tries Computer Dating, in 1961”

  1. Holy hypergamy, Batman! Wait a minute, I meant Superman. You know what they say about Batman (not that there’s anything wrong with that)…

    This cartoon is surprisingly modern. The main conceptual problem is that in real life a he-man like Roger wouldn’t run away in embarrassment if his rug blew off. Also, what’s the deal with proposing marriage on the fifth date? A studly catch like Roger wouldn’t be in such a hurry.

    Recasting this in 2013, Lois would be constantly checking her phone for guys on dating sites who matched her long list of requirements. She’d reject Roger for some slight facial asymmetry, but Roger wouldn’t care because he’d have a rotation of other women, all of whom would have to sign NDAs. Meanwhile Clark Kent would be writing a popular sex blog in which he advised men to lift weights and mimic Superman’s callous aloofness in order to get with these shallow modern chicks.

  2. Note also Superman’s chivalrous action in leaving the scene as invisibly as possible in order to not undercut Roger’s chances with Lois (despite his “callous aloofness,” Superman does have a thing for Lois, IIRC)…today, that would be mocked as “White Knighting” or worse.

    Although Freudians might not that Superman subconsciously INTENDED to create the wake turbulence that blew off Roger’s toupee (about which he surely knew given the X-ray vision)

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