Catholic Citizens of Illinois to Host Michael Lotus, co-author of “America 3.0”

I will be speaking to Catholic Citizens of Illinois on October 11, 2013, at 11:45 a.m. at the Union League Club, 65 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago.

Tickets are $35.00. Business attire. Reservations required.

Call Maureen at 708-352-5834 to make a reservation.

Those who have not read the book yet can get one here. Bring it with you to the event for an autograph!

This will be a nice event. I expect to provide a “Catholic angle” on the book, especially our findings regarding the Absolute Nuclear Family in the United States and in the Anglosphere, past present and future.

5 thoughts on “Catholic Citizens of Illinois to Host Michael Lotus, co-author of “America 3.0””

  1. Hurrah, hurrah! They’re going to comp your own lunch, of course. Maybe you’ll even score a nice presentation gift, too! Let us know how it all goes.

    (You are going to have extra copies available for direct sales? Information about where to order copies, for people who want to get one later? A couple of extra pens, justincase. Even a bookplate that you can sign which they can paste into their copy later? An idea of what you will write as a personal message for those wanting autographs. Your own simple signature just won’t do – have a little extra something in mind. And … umm … be certain of the spelling of the persons’ name. Sorry if I am going over things which you may already know.)

    Nothing is quite as much fun for an author, as to do a talk about your book to a large audience. The only thing that beats it is to do a talk at a book club meeting where your book was the selection for discussion.

  2. You are welcome! If you’re bring copies for direct sale, have someone with you that can do the sales, and make out the receipts … so that you can talk to the customers and fans as you are signing away. Just one of those little things that I have learned along the way… One of the best events I ever had was a talk for the Daughters of Texas New Braunfels Chapter. They took care of selling the books, all I had to do was to talk to each of the people in line, and sign. Over and over. You’ll know it’s a good event if you come away with writers’ cramp…
    Oh – and always talk to them. Only NY Times best-sellers can afford to be curt with fans.

  3. Hi Mike.

    Congrats. Very happy to hear of your successes.

    Just so you know, I received a copy of the book. It’s in my anti-library awaiting reading. I’m very much looking forward to it.

    Semper Fidelis and All The Best!

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