Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Roger Simon writes about Obama’s strange apparent affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Scott Johnson writes about the true nature of this Fascist organization.

Hans von Spakovsky writes about the historical connections between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazi party, as well as the MB’s current Nazi-like behavior: Kristallnacht in Egypt.


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  1. Also: article in today’s Financial Times—the Egyptian novelist and political science professor Ezzedine Choukri Fishere says:

    ***For million of us who live in Egypt, the western bias toward the Muslim Brotherhood is unmistakeable”

    Major elements of the western political elites have moved beyond appeasement, in the Neville Chamberlain sense, and all the way over to collaboration, in the Vichy sense or worse.

  2. David, there were large segments of the British elites who shared the delusion we see now in our own. The Clivedon Set is a term used for some of them but it was widespread in that class. Unity Mitford, one of the famous four sisters, attempted suicide the day Britain declared war on Germany as she had been obsessed with Hitler. Her sister Diana was the wife of Oswald Mosley, head of the British Fascists.

    We see similar behavior from our elites.

  3. In a private meeting with six historians, Obama said that he favored a corporatist form of government. Benito smiled.

  4. Clinton spoke of Iran being governed by progressives like himself; Obama spoke of his Muslim faith. What’s the mystery?

  5. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to replace a national identity — Egyptian — with a pan-Islamic one.

    The issue for the Western policy makers is that the MB/Jihadists have ready-made ideological fellow travelers in the anti-colonial/anti-nationalistic Left in the West.

    Think of the MB as a ideological analog to a virus with a “ideological protective outer coating” that mimics Leftist ideology and suppresses the normal Leftist “immune reaction” reaction to Muslim misogyny, homophobia and religious-based ethic cleansing in favor of expressing the Western Left’s more important to their self-image anti-colonial/anti-nationalist identity.

    This is one of the reasons why we have seen such fuzzy thinking and knee jerk anti-coup reactions out of Pres. Obama and the State Department regards Egypt.

  6. I guess folks that write this stuff have to feign surprise and speculation as to his “strange affinity” for such a vile outfit, risk investigations, ruin, or worse. But certainly, those who have been around and aware of American urban politicians of the past forty years are not surprised in the least.

    On a related note, I just saw my first television commercial for al Jazeera.

  7. I thought the Main Stream Media and both parties were opposed to burning churches and killing the congregation.

    So why do the MSM, Obama and every Democrat support the Muslim Brotherhood? The MB were ‘elected’ in the same way the KKK was elected. And the KKK and the MB are the same. They both wear sheets and burn churches and carry torches and kill Africans.

  8. “The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to replace a national identity — Egyptian — with a pan-Islamic one.”

    To be fair, Nasser tried the same thing although his attempt was Socialism. The United Arab Republic was a similar failed attempt at triumphalism.

  9. MB is tenacious, and has proved resistant to attempts to infiltrate. They have graduated membership over 4 years for one thing.

    Normal Intelligence methods won’t work.

    All Islamic and Sunni MENA terrorism springs from MB. Let’s try 1927. That’s IRA level staying power, although I doubt they have the same level of support the IRA had from Irish Catholics. If they did this would be over.

    Now they only have a membership of 100K-600K. Probably closer to the lower figure. Plenty BTW.

    Egypt may well face an Algerian choice: a bloody and brutal Civil war or an Islamic State. In the Islamic State the minorities are finished. Or even worse a Syrian Choice – unlikely.

    The Egyptian military has the backing of Red Empire [Pentagon]. MB has the backing of Blue Empire [State, Progs].

    Frankly Christians in the US should be ringing the Church Bells for the Copts and demanding they be protected no matter what, but they’re orphans. Except for Sisi and the powerful Egyptian Military. However the Saudis are rather important to Sisi as well, and more reliable [!!]. I don’t see them pressing to protect the Copts.

    Christians in the world are quite the orphans when it comes to USG in terms of policy. You won’t hear anything from Catholics or the TV people Christians as the solution involves great violence . Jesus wouldn’t want that.


  10. Wanna know who’s protecting the Copts?

    Their Egyptian Muslim neighbors, to the extent anyone is…

    Takfiri isn’t a popular cause in the Muslim world. **BUT** MB has a Big Brother in USG. Acting indirectly. This is gonna take await street charity for the Copts, in fact it may have already.

    The Copt got about as much chance as the Konigisberg Germans. On their own.

    I’d say get them Visas, but we’re back to Blue Empire with that…

    The Egyptians – muslims – would protect them if IF they have the means, and Big Brothers. Right now Big Brother is Big Brother to MB. Good people will back off.

    The world outside of where our boots still stand is life or death. The American idea of a principled stand is blogging or calling talk radio. Make your voices heard. That’s actually just posing. Not when it’s life or death.

  11. >>The US hasn’t been interested in protecting any Arabic Christians, be they
    >>Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi,only in protecting Israel.

    The 700 Club has done a number of stories on them and their persecution by Muslims.

    The Catholic EWTN follows the Holy See’s policy, which is to not mention it, as Palestinians hold the Holy Places on the West Bank hostage and the Vatican foreign office has a bad case of the Stockholm syndrome.

  12. Trent nailed Catholics cold [I’m catholic].

    As for telling ghost stories on TV…posing. Righteous posing.

  13. >>Trent nailed Catholics cold [I’m catholic].

    So am I, which is why the hammer hit the nail as it did. ;-)

  14. “The Catholic EWTN follows the Holy See’s policy, which is to not mention it”

    Old habits die hard. Roman Catholics and Orthodox Catholics have been at odds for over a thousand years and are not going to patch things up overnight.

    Starting with JP II, the Vatican has pushed for closer ties and reunification, but much of it has involved the proverbial “Airing of the Grievances”. It turned out that the Orthodox churches, including the Copts (maybe especially the Copts), have a long list that stretches back a long time.

    I think that a lot of the the Vatican’s policy towards Mid East persecution in recent years has been a mixture of indifference to rivals and deference to political correctness. As usual the middle path doesn’t satisfy anyone and is probably the worst course to take.

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