A Plea for America 3.0: “Can we just fast-forward to 2040? Please?”

This plea comes from Dave Swindle, the associate editor of PJ Media. Dave “writes and edits articles and blog posts on politics, news, culture, and entertainment. He edits the PJ Lifestyle section.” Dave has been posting about his progress through America 3.0.

Chapter 1 is our depiction of America in 2040, when America 3.0 is reaching full flower. Dave’s desire to jump ahead to 2040 is understandable. But, as we make clear in the book, there is a difficult transition period ahead. The outcome is not inevitable. There is plenty of work for everyone to do in the meantime. We have to make America 3.0. So, keep smiling and stay strong. And be cheerful, the tectonic forces are in our favor. But we live in the granular details, and those are up to us.

BTW, Dave tells us a full review is coming soon. Way cool. Can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “A Plea for America 3.0: “Can we just fast-forward to 2040? Please?””

  1. I have been wading though a critically-acclaimed book – The Forgotten Man – – I say wading not because it is “bad” but it is more of a “scholarly” bent – so full of detail on each page – who said what to whom, who went here, etc – as to make it , for me, an arduous read.

    But one of the things I am getting out of it – a reason why we are in the mess we are today – was the fascination with the Soviet Union – Stalin’s Russia – in the 1930s. Big govt programs to solve all of society’s woes was the fashion (and it still is to a large segment of society).

    This is, what I suspect, one of the things we will have to transition from.

  2. Ronald Radosh wrote a detailed critique of West’s book which sounded convincing. I don’t otherwise know her work. Radosh himself wrote a book about the influence if communism in Hollywood.

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