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  • “Hard Kill v Soft Kill in Iran”

    Posted by Jonathan on January 13th, 2006 (All posts by )

    TM Lutas’s thoughtful post is worth reading, as is this post by Thomas Barnett, to which Lutas links. I don’t agree with Barnett’s conclusion but he makes his version of the “soft kill” case well.

    UPDATE: Barnett comments on Lutas’s post.


    2 Responses to ““Hard Kill v Soft Kill in Iran””

    1. Ulrich Speck Says:

      I admire Barnetts work. But there is something missing in his idea of connectivity. It only works in a market economy. When a government becomes independent of the taxes of it’s citizens, by relying on the natural ressources (like oil), this government is not interested in opening up the country – and it doesn’t need to do it.

      This is the case with Iran. There is no chance to co-opt and integrate the country into the core, as long as the regime is in a position to corrupt the countries elites by spreading oil wealth.

    2. Chapomatic Says:

      So, Iran.
      Hoo boy what a set of suboptimal choices.
      Johnathan of ChicagoBoyz links to two viewpoints about Iran from TMLutas and Tom Barnett.
      The Iranians are weak, as a society, as the first op-ed argues, but expecting the hardliners to g…