Jacksonian America Remembers 9/11

The roar of motorcycles, a din, a torrent of noise, American flags whipping past, hundreds, thousands of bikes. Jacksonian America on the move is a thing of great beauty.

Hello, DC? AMERICA dropped by to get in your face, make a lot of noise, disrupt your fashionable luncheon schedule, make it clear it is not your friend, and remind you that you are doing a rotten job, and your attempted “fundamental transformation” needs to be scrapped.

Have a nice day.

4 thoughts on “Jacksonian America Remembers 9/11”

  1. Saw a few of them on my lunch hour but most probably not going to enter DC. The lack of permit would make it prohibitively lengthy for everyone to roll through. They did seem to deter attendance at the million Moslim march. Looked like about 5 people for that one.

  2. It looks like they circled the city, and then broke off for small groups to sort of leisurely drive through … and from the story on The Blaze, it doesn’t look like they give two sh*ts about how long it would take for everyone to roll through.

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