1 thought on “Rolling Sequester Strategy”

  1. By asserting that the GOP is the party that desires a shutdown and by describing it as a “disaster” you have given up the field before the battle. Obama wants a shutdown. He will not allow your rolling sequester. The present CR legislation passed by the House places the next burden on Democrat Senators up for re-election next year. Obamacare is unpopular in the country. What happens if the Senate passes a version of the CR including Obamacare funding? The coming conference is another opportunity to make the point about who is the father and mother of Obamacare.

    The end game will be to allow the CR funding Obamacare to pass with lots of GOP “present” votes. Remember that Hillarycare was what turned the House and Senate in ’94.

    I don’t know if the House leadership is that smart but I don’t think your proposal is any better.

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