Thanks to Andrew Wilkow for having me on his show to talk about America 3.0 yesterday

Andrew is the host of the awesome Wilkow! show on The Blaze. We had a good conversation yesterday about our book America 3.0 and, inter alia, how the current crisis is part of the transition phase between the fading America 2.0 and the newly dawning America 3.0.

I had a blast and I hope the folks watching the show enjoyed it.

Thanks to Andrew’s helpful staff, Brett and Chelsea. Chelsea saved the day by calling in the nick of time to remind me that 4:00 pm EST is 3:00 pm CST! And special thanks to my incredibly aggressive cab driver, whose name I will never know, who got me across the Loop in record time to be on camera. Friends, remember to tip well when the cabbie makes it happen for you.