14 thoughts on “New! – Chicagoboyz Fantasy Island Vacation Development”

  1. I thought we were going to have a volcano. Is it scheduled to erupt from underneath at some later date?

    Also, where are the minion quarters? I can’t possibly travel without my private army of ninjas.

  2. We need a dry-dock for the aircraft carrier.

    We also need a Catholic chapel, which might as well be right across from the synagogue. Also, a testing range for Ken’s prototype aircar.

    And me and Mitch and Mojo, at minimum, need a full-scale replica of the old Rathskeller from Kenmore Square in Boston so the all-girl punk rock bands will hava a place to play. On the map it can just say “the Rat”.

  3. -We can have facilities for other religions. I like the idea of clustering them around the debate stadium.

    -Yeah, the monorail goes to the brewery so you can have a nice reception after services. Not sure if automated trains are kosher, however. We’ll have to consult our rabbi.

    -Sorry, Lex. We sold the aircraft carrier back to France to help finance the island project. Don’t worry, they won’t use it. We also made sure to negotiate a short-notice leaseback option.

  4. I really like that the library and the shooting range are next door to one another. You might need a big bowl of foam earplugs at the entrance to the library, though. Add a conservative Reformed church of some sort, and I’ll buy a villa there. Oh, and a microbrewery (but not next to the shooting range).

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