Chicagoboyz for Life!

It doesn’t look like those Volvo adsters have been reading our blog. Volvo for Life! They, like some of the commenters here, see spectres of overpopulation, thanks to their steel frames. This may be why they are targeting gay couples, to encourage coupling less likely to produce great masses of the hoi polloi. But, if, as one commenter on Shannon’s post claims, the reproductive rate is beginning to uptick, is this the powerful influence of Chicagoboyz?

4 thoughts on “Chicagoboyz for Life!”

  1. I thought it was funny, it was clearly parody. Personaly I would have prefered a dudley moorish commercial concerning jaguar as based on the movie “Crazy People.”

    “In the last several years, with an obsession on economy, efficiency and the reduction of decadent pleasures, the population growth of the great western nations began to slow, last year, we rediscovered jaguar. Today, we are sustaining our own populations, and with the help of Jaguar we intend to allow them to grow. Thank You.

    Brought to you by Jaguar, handjobs ain’t enough anymore”

    If you go satire, go all the way.

  2. Watching the ‘Volvo for Life’ ad, it struck me that, for the the announcer at least, it’s a very grim life. He goes beyond ‘serious self importance’ all the way to ‘please kill me, I can’t take this anymore’.

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