Mike Lotus Interviewed About America 3.0 On C-Span

Thank you to the Washington Journal show on C-Span and its gracious host Peter Slen. Thank you also to callers, whose questions and comments I tried to respect and respond to.

Mr. Slen asked open-ended questions and gave the me the chance to speak at length about America 3.0 and what we are trying to get across. The entire show was about 45 minutes, which is a substantial amount of time, and a great opportunity.

The video of the interview is here.

(One thing I notice is I keep saying “we think.” D’oh. It is almost as bad as y’know. Good lesson for next time.)

4 thoughts on “Mike Lotus Interviewed About America 3.0 On C-Span”

  1. Good interview. I didn’t notice any problem with “we think” being said too often, and when it was said it was clear you meant you and Jim Bennet together think.

    I do think it would be useful to develop an ‘elevator speech’ synopsis of your thesis. Some way to communicate, in under a minute, the outline and thrust of your book, something that captures the major points quickly and succinctly. That would give you an opportunity to lay out the playing field of the discussion.

  2. Michael, I do have an elevator speech, or a few of them. But I tried to respond to questions. I probably should have found a place to put in the synopsis. Thank you for the comments.

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