Hump Day Humor

Since it already seems like the week should be over:

Chris Muir is dissecting the Demo’s slogan – helpfully suggesting: “Vote Democrat Because Your Betters Can Do America.”

The misogynist Hutton admits “Looking back on my career, I think I can honestly say that none of my students has ever learnt to speak English, and fewer than 10% of them have made any detectable progress at all.” This leads him to his new slogan: The Hutton School of English – Wasting Your Time and Money. Maybe it’s just the people I knew, but ESL always seemed more an adventure than a discipline – one of my daughter’s bridesmaids spent the fall in Colombia – never finding the right school for her well-honed ESL talents. She did, however, return unscathed from various hitchhiking adventures around the country – which either shows a competence or luck. Further adventures this spring are making some of the fittings difficult.

Iowahawk doesn’t scale the heights of his discussion of the defaming of the Saint of the Packers, but, then, he remains pretty great. He’s been discussing the Democrat’s plan:

HARRY: That’s right, Nancy. That’s why our tough, no-nonsense emails to the generals will include pictures of Osama bin Laden, so they will know who to get.

NANCY: But whats about disguises?

HARRY: Way ahead of you Nancy! Using state-of-the-art PhotoShop smart computers, we will create simulated pictures of Osama bin Laden wearing a mustache, soul patch, trucker hat, and so on, and these will also be included in our emails. Then, the generals will distribute the pictures to the soldiers, and they can then make a surprise attack at Pakistan and get Osama bin Laden, no matter his latest look. Imagine the looks on the terrorists’ faces!

On the other hand, if you want an oldy but goody & go for timeless culture, you might check out Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Hazardous Dukes’

And for yet another rousing Republican hymn (just as third parties are appearing on the horizon – likely to take out any chances of Republican future presidents, check out the music video.

A charming reader notes my mistake (now changed): “I assume your “daughter’s bridesmaid” was teaching ESL and hiking in the country of Colombia, not the District of Columbia. Although it would be an interesting study to determine which is more dangerous and in need of proper English language training. Sorry, as a former resident in, and fan of, the country, this misspelling usually provokes a response.”