Less Than a Year

I saw this today:
It is a pretty good ad. Zerocare has been a debacle, as we all expected it to be. It isn’t just a “broken website”. It is a classical 20th century big government scheme, completely unprepared and unable to deal with a 21st century economy – this is one of the main thrusts of America 3.0.

Every Republican (and the groups cheering for them) should just shut up about pretty much everything but this one issue. Make the Democrats own it. It is theirs. It passed by a straight party vote. Make them eat it in 2014.

8 thoughts on “Less Than a Year”

  1. This ad will be replicated all cover the country. I wonder how many Democrats will “retire” by fall when the employers have dropped 100 million health insurance polices? The panic will start next month when the real numbers start to trickle out.

  2. I am hoping that the House passed this debacle of a budget-compromise with that very thing in mind.

    Either that or they are really stupid.

  3. Q: What is the main complaint about Obamacare?

    A: It doesn’t deliver.

    A host of pols are lining up to make it rain. Possbily including the ambitious Chris Christie [not likely, he’s being fatally undermined by the National organs of the Media, Moody’s and the rest as we speak]. Oh Christie may be the nominee, but he’ll never be POTUS. And it wouldn’t matter if he did.

    What will America 3.0 do for us?
    It will make it rain, won’t it?

    That’s the 21st century solution. Perhaps we need a rainmaker party.

    Reagan was a New Deal Democrat, he and that electorate are long gone.

    He was also freakishly sui generis, and I’m a fan.
    Free Will: No God, King, or Election saves us.

  4. They’re not stupid.

    They are taking care of their interests, which of course lie with government.

    Stupid would be continuing to believe that a National Party of Small, limited government can exist.

    That’s rather like a sales force being told by their employer to make less sales and that revenue is best which raises the minimum money. You’re unlikely to contact Amazon today and inform them to cut back on sales of America 3.0, too much money is coming in. You are unlikely to demand more critical and negative reviews, and less revenue.

    Workers seldom demand pay cuts. People want MORE.

    Limited government is only possible by FEAR. Just as expansion of freedom in the West was the expansion of violence from the mounted knight to the archers, pikemen, musketeers, and in America the Rifleman. That is the actual march of Liberty.

    The Founders limited and divided the government from a base motive of FEAR.

    They also cleverly placed the various low characters drawn to master their fellow man against each other.

    The latter characteristic of divided and limited government is long dead, the New Deal killed democracy and the republic. And the voters LOVED IT, and LOVE FDR still. Free stuff doncha know. And 1/3 of the nation openly peddled serfdom in exchange for free [stolen] goodies willfully votes for it again and again.

    When modern American thinks of the Constitution, what does he think of?

    The Bill of Rights.

    Which are Amendments. The governing document is DEAD. Our Liberties [mostly] remain only because of FEAR.

    The putative Republicans do not FEAR ye or their voters, they FEAR those around them in DC. They FEAR the tens of millions who will not suffer one cent of cuts* not the serfs who grumble as they pay. The Tea Party being so far the grumblers party.

    Grumblers are not to be feared, they are to be chastised into silence. Which was effectively done by the various combinations of Alphabet soup, who openly act without FEAR. Why should they? The Rattlesnake at the top of this page has only his rattle, no fangs. Babies have rattles too. They also grumble. This is how ye are viewed [including by me]. Grumble away, if you become too troublesome the slightest contact with Power and you’ll be silent. They know it.

    They’re right.

    *except for cuts to veterans, who just saw their retirement cut 24%. One dollar in four. History will vindicate whether this is folly or not.

  5. More charitably America now is suffering the terrible illness ancient to man of Predatory Government motivated by malice, spurred on by FEAR and it’s sister HATE.

    This is ancient to man, just new to America.

    Hence we seem to be slow to recognize and react to the threat.

    Remember the Rattlesnake is feared for fangs, not rattle.

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