Juan Cole, the First Draft, [Found in a dumpster behind the University of Michigan College of Liberal Arts: the first draft of Professor Juan Cole’s latest cri de coeur], catches spectacularly (doesn’t Iowahawk always “catch spectacularly”) the rhythm of the three teen-agers I carted around for a couple of hours today. (Amidst the giggles at one point, my daughter tried to explain the point of their stories, prefacing her comment with “Well, dude,” – this is a step way, way too far. Mothers are not dudes.)

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  1. Ginny,

    It’d be useful to have a link to the Slate article that seems to be the subject of the iowahawk post. It’s not clear whether this is a satire or a legitimate complaint or what. Nor is it clear whether there’s actually any substance to the charges leveled against Hitchens or just exactly whom is claiming what.

    FYI. The architect of the Stalinist betrayal of the Left during the Spanish Civil war, and man responsible for convincing the Spainish government to send it’s ENTIRE gold reserve to Moscow, Alexander Orlev, was an Ann Arbor resident during the sixties… officially attached to the Law School. In fact, a recently deceased local Marxist recruiter used Orlev stories to try and seduce new cadre leaders. But that’s probably such an off topic subject it’s best left for a different post and/or speculation.

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