Memorial Day: Remember the Dead, Support the Living

I am asking our readers to support the troops in some concrete way this Memorial Day.

I had this post last year, and I got several supportive emails, and at least one person matched my donation, so I am repeating the effort in 2006.

This year I have donated $1,000 to Wounded Warriors.

I hope others will match me, or make a generous gift of some greater or lesser size to this cause, or for example to one of the good causes listed on this page.

God Bless America.

Happy Memorial Day.

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day: Remember the Dead, Support the Living”

  1. I don’t have any cash to spare at the moment — poor student working for experience this summer — but I am going to GIVE BLOOD at the American Red Cross this afternoon. My chapter is open today and they are at less than half a day’s supply of O neg and about half a day’s supply of A neg.

    Giving blood is a minor inconvenience for most people but it saves lives every day.

    Thanks for the memorial day thoughts and reminders.

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