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  • Holiday in Hell

    Posted by Jonathan on June 15th, 2006 (All posts by )

    Visit North Korea (interesting photos).

    (via Rachel)


    9 Responses to “Holiday in Hell”

    1. Lori Hiteshew Says:

      Great picture, very sad.

    2. Lex Says:

      What a nightmare. Thank God for the USA.

    3. chel Says:

      That was really fascinating…

    4. GFK Says:

      Hey, at least there is free health care!! HA HA!!

    5. Lex Says:

      Free health care, yes — and everybody above age 4 can field-strip a Kalashnikov blindfolded.

    6. ed in texas Says:

      Third picture down: the pyramid structure in the distance is a ‘luxury hotel for international tourists’ (No joke). Built entirely of concrete (walls, tables, desks). I am told by unfortunate individuals who have traveled there that it is rumored to be unsafe, access is forbidden, and even though it is visible from anywhere in the city, if you ask the guides about it they will pretend they can’t see it.

    7. incognito Says:

      Thanks for sharing. Fascinating insight. Very sad that millions are enslaved there to satisfy the whims of one man and his cronies.

    8. Craig Says:

      Does anybody else but appreciate the irony of a Russian doing the picture taking and commentary?

    9. Tatyana Says:

      Where do you see the irony, Craig, please tell. Or you’re of the opinion that all Russians are by default responsible for (and support) Soviet policies of the last 80+ years?