Descent of the Chioula, and GoPro

Last year on my annual pilgrimage to cycling valhalla in the Pyrenees I took my GoPro camera for the first time. Below is my descent of the Col du Chioula, headed back toward Ax les Thermes (best viewed in HD).

This was probably my best descent of last year, the road surface and weather being just right. Everything fell into place. For those wondering, my top speed on this descent was 48.2 mph.

I took an insane amount of footage with my GoPro last year, and I am glad I did. But the problem is that when you bring back these hours and hours of video, there is nowhere for you to go with it. Options are buying an external hard drive and storing them there, or uploading them to one of many websites that do this sort of thing. I am about two thirds of the way done uploading my videos to YouTube, and it takes absolutely forever. A 15 minute video takes several hours to upload. I usually start one video a night and begin the uploading process before I go to bed.

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  1. I am reminded of a friend of my brother claiming that a car had clocked him at 60 mph bicycling down a local steep hill. You could hit 60 in a car going down that hill, so it was theoretically possible to hit it in a bicycle, but I dismissed the claim as another instance of the guy’s BSing. He was a big time BSr.

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