The True Voice of Jacksonian America

A good post on The Adventures of Chester entitled “Discussion Topic: Defeat”, had some very good comments. This one jumped out at me:

I recently went down to buy some hay for the Horses at the local agri dealer which by the way is near the Volunteer fire station and the site of course for local elections.
The consensus there is We don’t know what is going on! with Bush, democrates, The war.
All say the democrates don’t field a person respected or believed enough to be voted for, All say Bush has screwed the pooch on this war.
All state Kerry is a jackass and Gore not trusted.
All state Islam is the enemy and many say Islam is the work of Satan.
The Immigrant problem is a hot button. less immigration is the idea.
One old WW 2 vet who fought with the 506 PIR 101 AA Div said, “This is the damnedest way He ever seen to fight a war.” Half the government and the population is rootin’ for the other side!
I think We will eventually win this war (by open warfare on a scale not seen before) though not in my lifetime and I am 53 but before we win we are going to get our collective asses kicked and a whole lot of folks are going to die.
Somebody up there in D. C. needs to get their shiite in one bag and get their asses in gear.
otherwise we might as well accept Sharia now and get it over with.
A message to the politicians in charge, “quit politicin’ and fight the real enemy”

I am near total agreement with this.

In particular, I think the phrase “by open warfare on a scale not seen before” is likely to be an apt one.

Whatever it takes.

2 thoughts on “The True Voice of Jacksonian America”

  1. I don’t believe in “unity” if that means I have to surrender to the Left and accept Sharia victory, like the Left won in Vietnam and forced the S. Vietnamese and Cambodians to accept the victory of commies. And the murder of hundreds of thousands.

  2. We may have to whip the left wing at home before we can go ahead and defeat the Muslems. Shouldn’t be too hard to defeat the left wing..they have been busy disarming themselves for decades while the rest of us have been buying guns and stockpiling ammo.

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