Scott Walker Wins Again

I do enjoy watching things blow up for the left. That I will admit.

Today, the Seventh Circuit Federal Appeals Court upheld Act 10, in yet another victory for the Walker administration.

After all the protests and nonsense in 2011 – after all the Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth – after the senators fleeing the state and all of the other drama, the left pulled out one of their “old reliable” tricks – try to win in the courts. Each and every time, they have lost. Lost, lost, lost.

So the score now reads Walker infinite, the left, zero. The left is out of money, and running out of court options. The only thing left that I know of is a pending Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that I predict will also go in favor of the Walker administration.

The election this fall for Gov. of Wisconsin, according to the latest poll, sits at Walker 56%, and the Democrat candidate Burke, 40%. Unless Walker seriously screws something up, he will coast. The DNC will not be sending Burke any money for what is essentially an election that is over before it starts.

4 thoughts on “Scott Walker Wins Again”

  1. Every once in a while someone decent seems to come along in politics. Amazing the changes they can make for the better.

  2. Dan – what you need is to be blessed with the Ninth Circus, er, Circuit.

    But if Walker would run for President he would have my vote.

  3. Michael – for the first time in a long time, I am voting for someone rather than against. Walker does indeed seem like a decent person. Never a bad word for his opponents – a fine example of what more of our politicians should be.

    Bill – you very well may get that opportunity.

  4. Considering all the effort and dirty tricks the lefties expended against Walker, this news is even sweeter.

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