Heading for Calais: A Chicagoboy sets off via the Northwest Passage to give Jacques and Dominique a piece of his mind.

(Want to join him? Maybe these people can help.)

UPDATE: Wise guys. I’ll give you a sea monster.

UPDATE 2: It’s an Al-berg!

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  1. Help save the American bison – your donations will help feed them a diet rich in kapok, allowing them to float gracefully across the inland seas where the prairies used to be before Algore melted the polar ice caps with his bloviating.

  2. The name Algore is the proof that Arabic seamen were here first. Biased bigots tend to overlook the history of this part of the world, but every once and a while it bursts out, announce itself, leaves traces – in names and artefacts.
    Al Gor?

  3. Mitch, great article on Little Egypt. Of course there is a very vulgar expression for the region known commonly by its initials which I will not type here. The writer does not link the settlement pattern of LE to the work of David Hackett Fischer, though it is clear that these folks were his “backcountry borderers”, seedbed of the Jacksonian strain in American life identified by Walter Russell Mead.

  4. Last I heard, she met up with some amazing Australian guy or something. For all I know, dingos could be eating here by-bee as you read this. I can try to ping her and find out. I’ll also ask Mike Hendrix and see if he has a lead on her.

    Then I’ll threadjack and post an off-topic update somewhere in these parts.

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