Today is a good day in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that Act 10, the legislation passed three years ago that severely limited the ability of government workers unions to collectively bargain, is constitutional. The margin was 5-2. This is pretty much the end of the road for the court challenges, as the Seventh Circuit already ruled it constitutional on a federal level. The odds of this getting cert with the SCOTUS are extremely small, and I doubt that the unions would want to waste any more money with it in the first place. I shall raise a toast to our Governor and legislature this evening when I get home from work.

6 thoughts on “Forward”

  1. On the other hand, here is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin on voter ID:

    “Today the court follows not James Madison — for whom Wisconsin’s capital city is named — but rather Jim Crow — the name typically used to refer to repressive laws used to restrict rights, including the right to vote, of African-Americans,” Abrahamson wrote for the dissenters in the second case, brought by the Wisconsin chapter of the League of Women Voters.

    It’s not over yet.

  2. It is never over, that is for sure – and what terrible comment by Abrahamson. The voter ID thing isn’t really over either as it is pending appeal in federal court. Hard to say how that one will end up but nice to see that it at least passed muster through the Wisco SC.

  3. And that (the race-baiting comment by Abrahamson) is a good example of why someone might be concerned about having his son or daughter marry a Democrat. Who wants to have a son-in-law or a daughter-in-law who views you as a bigot for supporting a policy which is standard in most non-corrupt democracies?

  4. At least you fellows are used to the corruption. For most of us in Britain, apart from a few people in heavily Irish areas, voting corruption was quite new when Mr Blair introduced it.

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