Why it’s Fun to be from Texas, Reason #2,427

From Austin’s Craigslist:

Will BBQ your meat for FREE

This isn’t the first Texan I have heard of doing this. In Texas, we consider BBQ an art form, possible our only art form, but an art form nonetheless.

[Note: My feckless postings will continue until I am wrestled bodily to the ground…or the weather changes.]

9 thoughts on “Why it’s Fun to be from Texas, Reason #2,427”

  1. My first TX roadtrip (I grew up in CA) we stayed with a friend that was cooking jalapeno deer chili.

    “Deer?” I said, “where do you buy that?”

  2. Jay Manifold,

    Kansas city Barbecue? Well, it’s okay, if you like that sort of thing, I guess. I mean, who am I to judge?

    Oh hell! Who do I think I’m kidding? Wet sauce is an abomenation! Death to the infidels!

  3. And here’s reason # 2428: Because you have a gubernatorial candidate with the balls to say what’s really on his mind. Kinky Friedman, candidate for governor of Texas, when accused of being racist, said of ethnic politicking, “I don’t eat tamales in the barrio, I don’t eat fried chicken in the ghetto and I don’t eat bagels with the Jews. That’s true racism.”

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