Michael Barone Recommends Some Books, including America 3.0

Barone in seersucker

In a recent post entitled Reading Recommendations for Summer or Fall, Michael Barone mentioned several books that sound very good.

This passage in particular stuck out, for obvious reasons:

Nick Adams, The American Boomerang: How the World’s Greatest ‘Turnaround’ Nation Will Do It Again. There’s a grand tradition, starting with Alexis de Tocqueville, of foreign writers telling Americans more about their country than most Americans know or understand. Nick Adams, a young Australian writer, continues this tradition in this book about how the United States can rise again from its current doldrums.
This is a book to read in conjunction with two excellent recent books on Anglosphere exceptionalism, James Bennett and Michael Lotus’s America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century—Why America’s Greatest Days Are Yet to Come and Daniel Hannan’s Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World.

I had not heard of Nick Adams or his book, but I ordered a copy. I am eager to hear his assessment of how the USA is going to get out of this current mess and on to something better.

Of course, I concur heartily regarding America 3.0!

Daniel Hannan’s Inventing Freedom is a superb book — highest possible recommendation. Here is an earlier post about Mr. Hannan’s speech to the Heritage Foundation last November, and here is one with Mr. Hannan’s speech about Magna Carta. Both speeches are great.

And while I am at it, I recommend Mr. Barone’s most recent book Shaping Our Nation: How Surges of Migration Transformed America and Its Politics. I will also recommend his earlier book, Our Country: The Shaping of America from Roosevelt to Reagan, which is one of the best books on American politics you will ever read, and used copies are available very inexpensively on Amazon.

Incidentally, it is nice to see Mr. Barone in seersucker, a classic look.

4 thoughts on “Michael Barone Recommends Some Books, including America 3.0”

  1. I agree with your recommendation of Inventing Freedom. Good history of political freedom from Magna Carta through Philadelphia. Much of the political and cultural freedom in the world exists because of those events.

    I only recently found out what seersucker actually was. I saw a blurb about National Seersucker Day and looked it up. Apparently it’s popular on Capitol Hill, which may be where Michael Barone picked it up.

    Me, I’m more of a blue jeans and casual shirt kinda guy. Although I still wear them with wingtips or oxfords.

    Cole Haan Wingtip Oxford

  2. Michael, I wear my seersucker suit (I am a little fat for the one I currently own, one more reason to shed a few pounds) with brown wingtips.

  3. I like Mr. Barone. Seeing him photographed with the Band-Aid reminds me of WKRP’s Les Nessman, five-time winner of the Buckeye Newshawk Award and the Silver Sow Award.

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