Under the Radar

I guess it must matter to the elite class who seem to manage and report in our established American national main-line media – that no one notice the very ugly and violent racial war which is breaking out. Unless, of course, it is a case of a white, or nearly white, or almost-sort-of white in a confrontation with a member of the black thug class; there, I said it – the black thug class. This is a totally different class from the striving and generally hardworking and patriotic black middle and working class. And this I know very well, as a veteran, and through residence in a working-to-middle-class Texas suburb; a fellow military veteran once quoted to me something which one of his military comrades had said – “There is black and there is white, and then there is just trash.” The comrade was black, and he was quoting his grandmother, a lady of certain years – years sufficient to permit a degree of blunt honesty regarding matters racial. There is black, and there is white, and then there is trash.

The elite class appears to believe that anyone of Anglo pallor who points this out must therefore be a racist, especially if in reference to the unsavory, thuggish habits of the black variety of trash. As if looking away and keeping silent would make it all go away. But the trouble is, there is just too much of it, too many incidents before and after the Zimmerman case, the riots in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, flash mobs or small groups or individual black youths playing the knock-out game with random innocent citizens, elderly people attacked and robbed in their homes and cars … it all makes the local news for a day or to, websites and blogs for a day or two more, and then such reports and the racial makeup of the perpetrators and victims are dropped like a dirty Kleenex … until the next time.

The statistics of black-on-white, black-on-black and white-on-black crime paint are skewed to the complete opposite of how such occurrences are covered in the mainstream media. The relatively few incidents of white-on-black murder or rape are national headlines for weeks, whereas black-on-black and black-on-white violence is quickly shuffled away from the front pages and the lead story. It’s almost as if the national media is embarrassed by such occurrences, and considers them unseemly. As a commenter at Samizdata remarked, in relation to the Rotherham abuse scandal, it’s as if they don’t want to say anything for fear of setting off white riots, or something. Which is a pretty insulting assumption, and does no one – black or white or otherwise – any favors at all. Existing pathologies in the black culture which glorifies and rationalizes thug behavior cannot be dealt with, if it isn’t even open for discussion by anyone. The white victims of black criminals – or their next of kin – are left to simmer at being relegated to being non-persons, or insultingly lectured about white privilege. And the establishment press and media dribbles away a little more credibility, every time it tempers coverage of a story depending on the colors of the perpetrator and the victim. Discuss.

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  1. When I read stories of “youths” assaulting or killing people, I Google the story and almost always there are photos of the perps. Enlightening.

    I was raised by a black nursemaid in Chicago who had no time for the thugs. In her later years (She lived into her 90s) she lived in Hyde Park and worried about the young men who would congregate in the lobby of her building. We got her a freezer and a very nice (black) supermarket manager from the neighborhood saw to it that it was always stocked so she didn’t have to go out. I visited whenever I was in Chicago.

    Eventually, my sister arranged for her to enter a Catholic nursing home in the south suburbs where she lived long enough to hold my youngest daughter who is now 24. She converted to Catholicism because my family were and I considered that a great complement. She came to live with us when my sister came home from the hospital as a newborn in 1941. She was then about 40 and lived to be 95.

    I am well aware of the deterioration of the black culture the past 50 years. It never ceases to amaze me that Reverend Wright’s “church” was filled with black middle class members. It worries me.

  2. Sgt Mom,

    There has been an on-going media “Spike” on violent/criminal Black flash mobs in the Google, Yahoo, & Bing search engines.

    This “Spike” has been aimed at stopping casual search engine users from finding information on recent violent flash mob activity.

    You have to use more advanced search features like limiting the search to the last day, week or month to get recent violent flash mob activity hits in your search.

    In late 2013 I tested the search terms “Flash Mob” “Flash Mob Violence” “Criminal Flash Mob” on Google, Yahoo, & Bing. All three showed news items, blog posts, etc prior to August-October 2011. Anything more recent drops off the top 10 search pages for all three media engines.

    When I used the advanced search features on Google to limit my “Flash Mob Violence” search term to the last month, these two articles were the most relevant that fell out.

    One from May 6, 2012 (Please note that the title was 180 degrees out of phase with the text from the piece)


    Violent Flash Mob Phenomenon Potential Losing Ground

    Criminal flash mobs have been increasing over the past eighteen months, according to Merchant Analytic Solutions (MAS)’s article “Flash Mob=Flash ROB?” [5] This webpage includes a number of incidences, termed Multiple Offender Crimes (MOC) by the British authorities, including in Minnesota, Philadelphia, DC, Milwaukie, and Los Angeles. The idea that the mobs target non-black businesses is particularly discomfitting and confusing for storeowners, but MAS includes a list of best practices.[6]

    The lack of official government recognition and support over the increasingly violent flash mob attacks also goads the public. In “Media Conceal True Nature of ‘Flash Mob’ Racial Violence, John Bennett recounts his frustration about the media’s misguided sense of racial sensitivity by routinely withholding perpetrators’ race.[7] He writes, “Not every interracial crime has racial significance. Sometimes a fight is just a fight, a robbery is just a robbery, a mob is just a mob. But when there is a trend of racial victimization and a stark racial component in the participants of the attacks, then there is racial significance.” His record of incidences at the Wisconsin State Fair, in Denver, and elsewhere are corroborated by Violentflashmobs.com, a website dedicated to documentating such. [8]

    and this from May 01, 2012 article


    Survival Tactics for Flash Mob Violence

    The magic words to live by are shoot, scoot and stay mute! The majority of cops will have little interest in tracking down someone who fought back and escaped with their lives.

    You must escape these mobs at all cost. The cops will never be able to respond in time to save you. Self-help is really, all you have”.

    And please note that Thomas Sowell’s May 12, 2011 piece “A Censored Race War” (http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/299918/censored-race-war-thomas-sowell?pg=2) that speaks about Black Flash mob violence, and that lead me to do these searches, does not use the term “Flash mob.”

    BTW, the http://www.violentflashmobs.com/ site mentioned in the article clips disappeared from the web in August 2012.

    It took me a bit of doing with the Archive.org “Wayback machine” to find it’s recorded corpse here —


  3. That’s one of the disturbing aspects to the whole thing, Trent – it’s as if they want to excise it from public consciousness, by playing search engine games as well as by not covering it on national media.

    I wonder what the end-game is, and is it being encouraged deliberately, egged on through social media? What happens when more white (or non-black) permit holders actually shot back in defending themselves and their families? Of course, likely they will be prosecuted by Eric Holder’s department of ‘Just-Us’ – and what happens if, or if not? Are whites being deliberately goaded as well?

  4. Sowell is a good source of wisdom on this topic. He says “I am so old I can remember when racists were white.”

    Also, this is significant in light of what NRO did to John Derbyshire.

    “Asian-American schoolchildren in New York and Philadelphia have for years been beaten up by their black classmates.”

    Derb was right but that could not be allowed in public. The recent Kroger employee assault was not a “hate crime” in spite of video and audio showing that it was.

    “On a widely circulated video, a crowd of teenagers is seen streaming across the lot before surrounding and kicking a Kroger worker. In the background, a woman can be heard saying, “They got a white dude.”

    I watched the video.

  5. The stoked anger from someone like Jason Riley in his book and in his comments on television reveal what must not be an uncommon fear and an uncommon anger – given the actual victims of black murderers. I used to think this slant was man bites dog – white murder or rape or even armed robbery of blacks is so uncommon. I don’t think that any more. Nor do I find my students’ confusions about chronology as innocent as I used to. (Some think slavery continued until WWI; not that of course it didn’t and doesn’t in other countries – again a foreign concept in our schools.)

    Surely, given the nature of the truth, facts, it takes an incredible amount of willful ignorance to report as so many do. so many seem to be pressing blinders against their temples and muttering nonsense loudly so no facts could penetrate their heads.
    Perhaps it is paranoia, but Obama’s and Holder’s (as always true of communists as they blithely spill horrific amounts of blood over ethnic/religious gounds) motives for dominating the slant of such stories does not seem, well, patriotic.

  6. Sgt Mom,

    The following is from roughly May 2012, from someone I know in Denver, on several racist flash mob attacks there —

    The Denver black ministers’ council has been struggling with this for more than a year (since there were a series of attacks in the Lodo District). The problem, bluntly, according to my minister, is figuring out how to isolate the quite small number of instigators from the larger number of what the minister calls “people with insufficient resistance,” meaning they won’t start things but they’ll join in or passively let them develop. The problems are that the instigators tend to be “feral” — i.e. already kicked out of their homes, basically hanging around on the fringes of wherever there are other black youth — and the People with Insufficient Resistance tend to be very aware that if you turn your back on your feral friend, he’s going to go hungry, get into worse trouble, etc. (Or as the Rev puts it, “loyalty pulls the better ones down more than it pulls the worse ones up”).

    The Denver Police, with their tradition of brutality, are not a very useful partner because their solution to everything is to sweep up everyone on a given night and street, which will produce more ferals (as kids get kicked out for being in police trouble) and less trust from the insufficient resisters.

    And the better-community-integrated kids do not want to get into anything connected with this at all, partly due to justified fear (snitches get stitches) and partly because, well, sh*t, guys, how many of us go looking for a chance to turn in the Timothy McVeighs of this world? They’ve got their own problems without standing so close to so many others ….

    And, bluntly, speaking truth to your own followers is scary.

    That’s not a point the Rev brings up but it’s definitely on Rev’s mind and many others. Rev’s got a mostly white congregation with a sprinkling of high-achieving African Americans; nobody in the room is flash mob material when the Rev’s preaching at home, so the Rev can say “This was wrong” all day and achieve only agreement.

    The refusal of the Main Stream Media to cover this cultural development — and worse, to call anyone naming for what it is as either racist or a sell out — is creating it a festering, gangrenous, wound on the American body politic.

    I’m very afraid for what is going to get amputated, the longer the day of reckoning is delayed.

  7. Sgt Mom,

    >>I wonder what the end-game is, and is it being encouraged deliberately, egged on
    >>through social media? What happens when more white (or non-black) permit holders
    >>actually shot back in defending themselves and their families? Of course, likely
    >>they will be prosecuted by Eric Holder’s department of ‘Just-Us’ – and what happens
    >>if, or if not?

    What is going to happen is that whites will refuse to convict whites acting in self-defense against black mobs, whatever the elites say the outcome should be.

    Then, when DoJ or State’s Attorney prosecutes for “civil rights violations” in Federal court at a lower standard of evidence, it will be repeated.

    The next go-around, there will be transfers of trial venue to 90%(+) majority black areas with leftist judges to get convictions.

    After that, it won’t matter what the “rule of law” is, because unless they get 100% black juries, whites will refuse to convict on racial grounds…

    …and the Left will attack Jury Trials as racist to try to abolish them.

    The step after that is rule by the barrel of the gun.

  8. I can only imagine the vibe on the streets of Chicago. I do know, from my experiences of living and working in NYC that what is reported in the news is a mere fraction of what really goes down. I worked for a time in the ER of a city hospital, and the stream of insanity coming through the doors never ceased. Always someone cuffed to a stretcher, always a police presence. The place functioned as a jail-to-job custodial job program, and the amount of felon to patient contact was staggering. The place of course had security, and the head was a trusted long-time member of NOI and behaved very much the part. Now that the Chief sympathizer is keeping the dogs off the safe-houses, I’d imagine much mischief is afoot. That strain, that middle-class members of “the community” will tell you is a lunatic fringe, is far more mainstream than ever. That I fear, is where hip-hop nation is headed.

  9. “The next go-around, there will be transfers of trial venue to 90%(+) majority black areas with leftist judges to get convictions.”

    The opposite occurred with the OJ jury. The venue was Santa Monica as the crime was in West LA. The local DA, Gil Garcetti, moved the trial to downtown LA. He said it was because the Santa Monica courtroom was “too small.” The OJ jury practiced a little jury nullification and Garcetti’s son Eric is now Mayor of Los Angeles.

    The civil trial was held in west LA and had a competent lawyer (Daniel Petrocelli) who found more evidence (the shoes) and got the verdict. Even the LA Times noticed the difference.

    “The criminal case was tried by a predominantly black jury, and conviction required a finding that Mr. Simpson committed the June 12, 1994, slayings beyond any reasonable doubt. The civil case was tried before a predominantly white jury, and a verdict required only 9 of 12 votes, with the basic legal standard being that in all probability Mr. Simpson committed the slayings.”

  10. I live near Detroit, and I’ve been told by someone who had children in the local suburban public school system that black attacks on white students in school happened every day. Someone else mentioned the troubles their child had with a particular black student, which lasted a while, until that black student either dropped out or moved. Apparently, in both cases the school administration was unable or unwilling to stop these incidents.

    I was also told by someone different who worked as a paramedic, years ago, that the violent crime in Detroit that managed to get reported by the media was only a tiny fraction of what actually occurred. More recently, I listened to police scanner app on my phone for the Detroit police department for about an hour or so, and in that one random hour there was at least one murder mentioned, plus a shooting. Of course, I’ve also heard of many other incidents of harassment, crime, violence, etc, going all the way back to the 1967 riots.

    I suppose I don’t really have a point, except to agree with Trent Telenko.

    In my opinion the media not reporting this won’t matter so much, because people are living it.

  11. Mike K,

    What I fear greatly is that the following advice on dealing with violent flash mobs from one of the links I posted above —

    You have an absolute right to use deadly force against mobs whether they are armed or not!
    Just because you don’t see a weapon does not mean they are unarmed.

    You will never reason with or obtain sympathy from a mob, so don’t bother to try. The closer they get to you the less ability you will have to escape. Don’t let them get close.

    As a mob approaches you in a hostile or threatening manner all bets are off.

    Don’t pull your gun and expect they will quit. They will overwhelm, disarm and perhaps kill you. Instead look for your exit path, draw your gun and fire at the most menacing thugs in center mass. You’re not required to warn anyone! Shoot until the threat is over. Scoot to safety and keep on going. Do not call 911 or talk about the event to anyone but a lawyer assigned to defend you.

    If you’re in a car that is surrounded the people in front of your car are reasonably presumed accomplices of those trying to assault or extract you from your vehicle. Step on the gas and run them over! This is no automobile accident and the traffic laws of leaving the scene of an accident do not apply! Again you need to scoot and stay mute.

    If the police detain you, it becomes more imperative than ever that you keep your mouth shut. You won’t be able to talk your way to freedom if they have you detained. Cooperation will only cause you bigger problems. The police will understand your request for a lawyer.

    The magic words to live by are shoot, scoot and stay mute! The majority of cops will have little interest in tracking down someone who fought back and escaped with their lives.

    You must escape these mobs at all cost. The cops will never be able to respond in time to save you. Self-help is really, all you have.

    …will be words that all too many people live — and die — by.

    And it will come to pass very soon.

    That is not a world I want my children to live in…but I have very little say in the matter.

  12. It’s not just the whites beaten up by black classmates. “Acting white” can have serious consequences.

    “A black teenage girl has been violently beaten by a black classmate for acting ‘too much like a white person’, she told police.
    The 16-year-old girl told cops she had been on a school bus from Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina on Thursday afternoon when the other teenage girl started taunting her.”

    Naturally, you have to read UK newspapers to see the story. The UK has nothing much to be proud of as white behavior in midland cities is similar to black cultural rot in the inner cities.

  13. Mike K Says:
    September 10th, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    Getting news, and interpreting it, is requiring the same kind of gymnastics as getting it in Stalin’s Soviet Union or a certain regime somewhat farther west. If something is not mentioned, while other things are, it means that the unmentioned thing is forbidden.

    It is an interesting philosophical argument whether the media is in fact being controlled by the State [I tend to believe this; Journo-List 2.0 being but the tip of the iceberg] voluntarily, or if it is a matter of the necessity of being a Collectivist Leftist to survive J-School and get a job. In any case, if the perp is White or Asian, it will be mentioned. If they are Black, Hispanic, or Muslim; it will not be mentioned and the name may well be withheld. In some urban areas, there is a policy not to put out information about race in bulletins seeking public help to apprehend a wanted person.

    The foreign press, while doing the same thing domestically [see Britain] are more willing to tell the truth about those beastly Americans.

    Trent Telenko and Sgt Mom

    It is part of a wider strategy to break down the rule of law. Already, the Federal government is blatant about not being subject to the law [IRS testimony to Congress today, “Most of the time we try to follow the law.”], and regulatory agencies are openly political and economic partisans. The politicization of the courts and the use of extortion is such that no one has real hope of redress of grievances unless they have several times the American median income to spend on it.

    Whatever legal system a country has is how their culture moderates the use of brute force by the State. If there is no moderation; then the only resort is to brute force by all parties. The Federal government seems to be of the opinion that a) they will prevail at that point, and b) that winning once will suffice. Keep in mind that one constant when dealing with the Federal government for the last few decades has been is the tendency to substitute wishful thinking for reality.

    As it stands, Colorado is an open carry state, and Concealed Carry permits are easy to get. I live in a small mountain town and feel fairly safe at home. But I do have to go to larger, more Democrat and more dangerous cities [including Denver] on occasion. I haven’t bothered to get one up to now, but this is not the state or country I grew up in. I’m considering it.

    Subotai Bahadur

  14. Subotai Bahadur said —

    >>The Federal government seems to be of the opinion that
    >>a) they will prevail at that point, and
    >>b) that winning once will suffice.

    This did not happen with the Bundy Ranch in Utah.

    Point in fact, the Feds were facing not just Bundy and “Patriot Movement” Militia crazies, but count ’em two state governments on Bundy’s side.

    1. The State of Utah requiring the Feds comply with Federal livestock sales law — the Intertior Department had to get Cliven Bundy’s signture that his cattle did not have anthrax to sell them. So the Interior Agents were stuck in place until they started destroying bundy’s cattle — which was not what the Federal judge authorized them to do — and,

    2. The State of Nevada refused to sent the National Guard to support the Department of the Interior’s actions.

    When the number of armed militia exceeded the number of Feds and the Militia types had dozens of armed snipers overlooking the Fed’s position. The Feds backed down and spun like crazy.

    If you saw any of the images that Bundy’s side was putting up on the internet during the event — and are at all familiar with Mormon religious doctrine — you would have seen that Bundy was setting up a stage managed Mormon end times religious event.

    Which brings up the final point. Most of the “Militia” in Utah wasn’t “Patriot Movement” or “Tea Party.” They were local Mormons responding to Bundy’s religious end times stage management of the Department of the Interior actions.

    This was why the Nevada and Utah state governemnts pole axed the Fed’s by refusing to support their illegal actions under the Federal judge’s property seizier and sale order.

  15. “… the media not reporting this won’t matter so much, because people are living it.”

    There are video cameras all over the place now. Incidents get recorded. Virtually everyone is carrying a video camera in their pocket these days. Incidents get recorded. The volume of video of vicious, pointless black on white violence is increasing all the time. I saw one the other day, a young woman was video taping an attack, and she was laughing, “ooh, they got a white dude!” The violence is not only accepted, and expected, it is a source of amusement.

    It will not be possible to continue hiding these facts.

  16. >>It will not be possible to continue hiding these facts.

    Hide? No.

    Deny and persecute truth tellers, very much a “yes.”

    See this for what Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong did to destroy both his and the local city government’s credibility with non-blacks:

    “They got a white dude, but it’s not a hate crime

    This is very much a case of “Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

    Pres. Obama, AG Holder and now Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong are making America safe for white racism, because that is what destroying “equal protection under the law” means in the final analysis.

  17. We were driving around in Mission Viejo this afternoon running errands at Costco, etc. I was pondering real estate prices here, which are astronomical considering these are middle class people, like my son, living here. What excuse is there for these prices ?

    It’s not the weather; it’s the safety. My daughter who lives in Santa Monica was thinking about buying a house in a “gentrifying area” of LA. That is one reason why this news is being suppressed. She doesn’t realize the problem.

    White flight in Chicago occurred when I was still a teenager. I can recall blacks walking down the alley behind our house in South Shore, at the time a very nice, if not elegant, neighborhood. They would break the branches off the cherry trees in our backyard. White people began to leave and, as they left, more would leave, not out of hate but out of fear. My father was attacked on our front porch while I was in California. He managed to get the front door open and our dog scared them away.

    Not long after, he sold the house for 1/3 of what he had been offered ten years before. South Shore is now a hell hole.

  18. “the very ugly and violent racial war which is breaking out”

    I have sometimes wondered if there was any tactic so heinous that the left would not use it, and so far I have not found one.

  19. It’s interesting to think about “Bonfire of the Vanities” with all this going on.

    I was an expert witness in a med-mal case in the Bronx in 1995. The courthouse was the one in “Bonfire.” I walked into the courthouse and found no place to sit. I asked a security guard about this and he told me that if there had been benches, they would be full of vagrants. I was finally allowed to sit in the law library until my testimony. The jury, which was 6, not 12, at one point asked the judge to order one of their members to bathe as they could not stand his smell in the jury room.

    It was interesting. I wonder if it is worse now or if it could be.

  20. “As a commenter at Samizdata remarked, in relation to the Rotherham abuse scandal, it’s as if they don’t want to say anything for fear of setting off white riots”

    When was the last “race riot” in America? (The ones where whites went to the ghetto to attack Blacks.) 1940s?

    “A riot is an ugly thing….”

  21. “Some think slavery continued until WWI;”

    Slavery in America ended in 1865. Slavery was re-introduced in Russia in 1917; in Germany in 1933; in Poland in 1939 (or 1945, if you prefer); in Romania, Bulgaria, et.al., in 1945, and only finally eliminated in 1991.

  22. An example of hiding racial crimes: About a decade ago, there was a sensational trial here in the Seattle area. One woman was convicted of raping another woman. And it wasn’t statutory rape.

    What happened was that the attacker, claiming car trouble or something similar, got into the victim’s house supposedly to use a telephone, attacked the victim, tied her up and forced her to commit oral sex.

    And the story was almost completely suppressed, even after the attacker was convicted. The two Seattle papers, the Times and the PI, each gave the trial a single paragraph, buried about as deep as they could bury it. And they left out the motive.

    You have probably already guessed why. The attacker was black, the victim white, and the attacker confessed (boasted?) during the trial that she had done it because she hated whites.

    Now that, even without the racial angle is a sensational story. But our news organizations buried it, quite deliberately.

    (There may have been a racial motive to the murders of four police officers in Lakewood a few years ago — but I am absolutely sure our local journalists will not tell us that, even if they know it to be true.

    You may wonder how I happened to learn about the rape story. A King TV anchor, Joyce Taylor (who has a better natural tan than I do) told the story on the noon news (with, I thought, a certain relish). I was certain that the news organizations wouldn’t let that slip out again, and, as far as I can tell, they didn’t.)

  23. If even the most cultured race on earth could run a holocaust it’s hard to deny that race is dynamite. I often wonder why so few of the lessons of WWII were learnt; presumably because everyone wanted to indulge in the vainglory of we won, we won, we won.

  24. It will not be possible to continue hiding these facts.

    I agree, and not least because the attackers often post these videos on youtube.

    I suspect that the widespread knowledge of this sort of violence is why the left has failed so miserably to win approval for new gun control measures, or eliminate “stand your ground” laws, despite endless lying, effort.

  25. The one thing clear in all of this violence is that Rev. Martin Luther King is dead in more than the physical sense of the word.

    Colin Flaherty, the author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It” has been given a audio of Black ministers coordinating strategy about how to ignore, deny, condone and encourage (Ferguson, Mo. in this case) black mob violence.

    See below —



    Minister coordinating responses to ignore racial violence?
    New audio podcast
    September 9, 2014

    Lord help me, but I’m just not that bright. This took a few hours to sink in after I heard it:

    Black ministers all over the country regularly talk on the phone about how to ignore, deny, condone and encourage black mob violence.

    The latest example being Ferguson. Maybe it’s not a big deal.

    Or maybe its weird.

    Let me know.

  26. The underlying culture of African-Americans is the giant elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about. Rappers, singers, TV shows, movies – it all glorifies drugs, violence and gang banging. But wait…there’s more! In the large inner cities where many African-Americans are concentrated, an astonishing amount of children grow up with no mother, father, or both. Or if they are lucky enough to have one parent (or sometimes grandparent), typically their lives are filled with chaos, violence and have no structure whatsoever. And if they are lucky enough to actually go to “school”, it is typically just free daycare, as the Chicago Public Schools should be called. It should surprise exactly zero people that the children grow up to be troubled, in jail, creating havoc and/or dead by the time they are 20.

  27. The saddest part of all is the plight of the child whose mother (it’s always the mother) wants to have a decent school experience for the kid. This is where vouchers would help but there is still the problem of neighborhood violence directed at these kids who “act white.”

    In Chicago where my nephew lives, there were schools closed by Emmanuel but the kids had to walk through new gang territory to get to them. Terrible situation. I’m sure most of you know this better than I do.

    I think of Charles Payne. His story is amazing. That piece tells nothing about his life except his Air Force career. He wanted to be a businessmen since he was a child. He was raised by a single mother who gave him a brief case for his 13th birthday. He joined the Air Force out of high school. I used to listen to his radio program before I knew he was black. He sounds like a Chicago white guy.

  28. Erisguy – the ‘Zoot Suit’ riots of the Forties were whites against Latinos. The one that I knew of was in Los Angeles. It was a wartime thing, mostly military members duking it out with non-serving Latinos. The other big race riot that I recall, where whites burned the black neighborhood was in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921.

    Dan is right – the thug culture is the elephant in the room; I talked about it sometimes with my friends of color, when I was still in the military. They had joined the military in many cases to get away from it in the neighborhoods where they had grown up. I remember one friend telling me how her mother (a widow) had scrimped and saved to send her to Catholic school, so that she would have some kind of education.

    Trent’s link to Colin Flaherty’s piece about the ministers of black churches coordinating responses to black violence is heartbreaking. A strong church presence ought to be a life-saver in the black community – and instead the ministers are enabling, rationalizing and covering it up. Kind of reminds me of how CAIR does the same for Islamic-inspired terrorism.

  29. Trent,

    What I fear greatly is that the following advice…

    Yeah, sounds ghastly, doesn’t it? What is your counter-advice? I sure don’t like ‘cede the territory to the thugs’, not in the least… but I’m having a bit it trouble conceiving of a Third Way.

  30. Kirk P,

    It is the MSM’s playing the role of PC thought police that means there is no third way.

    That is when I channel Yeats “THE SECOND COMING” —


    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

    The darkness drops again but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

  31. ” Shared environment appears to be of little importance.”

    I disagree. That is what I like about Charles Payne. Some of these kids have potential that is lost in the chaos of the inner city. Young elephants need older males around or they go rogue.

  32. Trent,

    I think of “The Second Coming” often these days…

    … however your answer contained no advice (other than to despair.)

  33. Clarence Thomas lived in an environment as poor as it could get in the rural south but he had structure and had to go to school and church. It wasn’t Valhalla, but he wasn’t exposed to hardly any of the mayhem that current day inner city kids are – even when he moved to the city as he was growing up. Sure his family was poor, but not hopeless. He was taught that he had to work hard to make it above and beyond his peers and had a great example to look up to. It can be done. Give kids a chance and they can succeed. Inner city kids that are surrounded by thug culture and chaos, with no mother and/or father and/or grandparent to give them structure have zero chance. And I don’t really blame them while they are out there shooting each other over drugs or gang turf. I feel sorry for them.

  34. This browser seems determined to leave me anonymous. Just back from the shop but that shouldn’t happen. I agree about Thomas and that was me noting Payne’s history.

  35. Pres. Obama, AG Holder and now Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong are making America safe for white racism, because that is what destroying “equal protection under the law” means in the final analysis.

    I get the sense of what you’re saying, but I wouldn’t use the terms “white” and “racism.”

    I would use “culturally American” and “rational recognition of a terrible problem perpetrated by people of a certain ethnicity, although of course not all of them.”

  36. The definition of “racism” depends on who you are referring to. If they are white, it is definitely racism, like Derbyshire’s honest account of what he teaches his Eurasian kids.

    Another good example of how important it is to learn the players, is the case of a white kid beaten up on the school bus by five blacks. It is a video but the judge dismissed the charges against one who said he was “looking for his ear phones.” Slow motion shows the truth.

    However, after the video was posted on You Tube, “YouTube removed it, saying the film violated its terms of service that prohibit anyone from glorifying racial violence.”

    Read “Glorifying” as exposing. Oh well.

    Oh, there were no ear phones.

  37. In the large inner cities where many African-Americans are concentrated, an astonishing amount of children grow up with no mother, father, or both.

    True of course but that brings to mind an unpleasant article I read a while ago. Supposedly inner city Chicago was becoming so dysfunctional that not only were the fathers of children uninterested in them the mothers were becoming so as well. Obviously not good, as the tender mercy of the welfare state is surely what replaces the people who in normal human society take of their children.

    I’ve also noticed that there seems to be a trope in black entertainment of characters who were raised by their grandmothers, often without further explanation. I find this interesting, as I suspect these grandmothers as being the last surviving members of the civilized pre-welfare state generation.

    What happens when these grandmothers pass from the scene? Is the welfare state going to simply step into the breech, making it all better?

    Or will it look like it already does, only worse? Like inner city Chicago, everywhere?

    I’ll stop there, because as the saying goes it won’t end well.

  38. The definition of “racism” depends on who you are referring to. If they are white, it is definitely racism, like Derbyshire’s honest account of what he teaches his Eurasian kids.

    I get the sense of what you’re saying too, but I also think this “racism” charge is becoming a joke. When criticizing the President of the United States becomes off limits because it is somehow racist, the sell-by date has passed.

    But it’s funny you should mention John Derbyshire. One of the unpleasant memories stirred up by his infamous article, of an example referenced by him, was from the early 90s. I read of a guy was murdered because he stopped to help a motorist in distress. Hey, guess the ethnicity of the killer. A couple years later a coworker happened to casually mention that he knew the former fiance of the victim. Aside from that, I’d likely have forgotten it, because that sort of event is all too common.

    Anyway, inspired by your anecdotes you posted on the tenth, I’ve pondered over the last couple days. It amazes me just how much discussion I’ve experienced over the years about how to get away from violent black felons, how to avoid living near them, lamentation about the failure to successfully do so, complaints about the lack of government response to their endless crime wave, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

    You mentioned Mission Viejo, and the high prices for safety. I note that here in Michigan areas that were thoroughly rural circa 1990- e.g. Monroe county- have become much less so as people flee the crime infested areas nearer Detroit.

    I have to wonder just how many successful nation states have prospered under such circumstances- i.e., with many previously prosperous areas simply become uninhabitable due to violence, resulting in their populations fleeing at great expense to safer areas, with those areas of prior prosperity becoming ruins.

    I suspect not many.

  39. The grandmothers are often 30 having had their daughter at 15 and the daughter then had the grandchild at 15. I wouldn’t count much on the grandmothers. Some of them have acquired some wisdom but not many. They are the ones calling their thug child a “good boy.”

    The hell holes like South Shore where I grew up in some modest affluence, show little success in “gentrifying.” Wiki is far too gentle in describing this area .

    it is a relatively stable and gentrifying neighborhood. Notable former residents of this neighborhood include rapper Kanye West, software executive Larry Ellison, molecular biologist James D. Watson, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

    Michelle’s parents lived a half block from my parents’ home but long after we had left. My mother stayed in the area until she was 100, living in a high rise on Lake Shore Drive that was elegant when built but deteriorated along the way.

    Crime and gang-related activities continue to plague the community, and safety remains a major concern amongst its residents.

    A more realistic sentence. A more realistic picture

    Look at the graphic. That is ONE MONTH !

  40. “I have to wonder just how many successful nation states have prospered under such circumstances- i.e., with many previously prosperous areas simply become uninhabitable due to violence, resulting in their populations fleeing at great expense to safer areas, with those areas of prior prosperity becoming ruins.” That’s roughly what happened to Roman Britain, as it received the attentions of German and Irish barbarians.

    Cheeringly, prosperity was restored after only 1200 years or so.

  41. The grandmothers are often 30 having had their daughter at 15 and the daughter then had the grandchild at 15. I wouldn’t count much on the grandmothers. Some of them have acquired some wisdom but not many. They are the ones calling their thug child a “good boy.”

    I wasn’t thinking of actual grandmothers. I was thinking of TV and cinema.

    More specifically, the Will Smith character in the movie I, Robot. He had a grandmother, but no parents, and I wondered where that came from. I wondered about that, and noticed this seemed common.

    That movie came out in 2004. So I suppose those grandmothers have already passed, and inner city Chicago is now the result.


    If I recall you’re the one person who noticed I’d written a long comment about Roman society, etc, months ago. So thanks, and I didn’t disagree with what you wrote enough to feel compelled to respond.

    Same here, but I didn’t want to ignore you twice.

  42. Chicago has Detroit to use for estimates. That should be interesting. Although Michigan has a Republican state government and that should give some advantage over Illinois and Chicago.

    I would say 100 years might be enough to see some change. It took the South about that long to make the transition from ruin to prosperity but it had the post war era and the invention of air-conditioning to help. Remember, when Democrats ran the South, Pellagra was epidemic. There was great resistance to the idea of diet as the cause.

    Part of that resistance was probably the fact that Jews were doing the research.

    Goldberger’s simplistic and convincing approach to pellagra was not acceptable to southern physicians and politicians.[8] Implication of the “3-M faulty diet” causing pellagra shifted the focus on the existing poverty in the South, which hurt southerners’ pride. Pellagra had come during the era of the microbiologists. Infectious cause had been ascribed to several illnesses.

    Amazingly enough, Warren Harding tried to interest the Public Health Service in the disease.

    caught the attention of President Warren Harding.[8] Harding responded by promising legislative action and wrote to the surgeon general, “Famine and plague are words almost foreign to our American vocabulary, save as we have learned their meaning in connection with afflictions of lands less favored and toward which our people have so many times displayed large and generous charity. . . . The nation could not wait a single day to take action. It must save its own.”[8] Such a statement from the president angered the southern public and politicians. In protest, the citizenry of a Georgia city telegraphed their senator, “When this part of Georgia suffers from a famine the rest of the world will be dead.”[8] The political backlash from the South dampened President Harding’s enthusiasm for solving the problem.

    Oh well, a Republican trying to tell Democrats they are wrong. It was still endemic until the Second World War.

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