13 thoughts on “Women — Know Your Limits”

  1. absolutely brilliant, insightful and true … words to live by indeed … how and why have we gone so wrong? … oddly, my dear, sweet simple-souled wife became utterly deranged, fitful and oddly aggressive and combative when I allowed her to glimpse this simple message in the hope that it might gently remind her of her proper role and duties(she has been rather opinionated and quarrelsome on a number of issues lately….)Might this sort of abberant behaviour be the fault of the Democrats or Socialists as well? awaiting further thoughts from the pens of the gentle readers of chicagoboyz.net …. must refresh the cold compress for my bruised noggin (odd how that happened)

  2. Well, I certainly don’t believe this shows the limits of all or even most women, but it does capture the limitations of Nancy Pelosi perfectly. God help us if the Dems have a good night!

  3. Aww, kittens. So tastyful.

    [wonder if effects of overeducation might be reversed? if I promise to say nothing aboit gold standard – or indeed on any standards except moral – the ugliness that’s looking at me from the mirror would go away? Gotta ask the Men]

  4. I was addressing …er.. the liger.

    And I kept my mouth shut at the dentists’ (even if it was open); will wait for derangement reversal any minute now.

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