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[Somalia] [s]tarted off as a humanitarian mission and it changed into a nation-building mission, and that’s where the mission went wrong. The mission was changed. And as a result, our nation paid a price. And so I don’t think our troops ought to be used for what’s called nation-building. I think our troops ought to be used to fight and win war. I think our troops ought to be used to help overthrow the dictator when it’s in our best interests. But in this case it was a nation-building exercise, and same with Haiti. I wouldn’t have supported either.

George W. Bush, October 11, 2000

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  1. Lex –
    Don’t you want to do a little third person editorial intrusion and tell us which of the various (and somewhat contradictory) lessons we should take from this quote. (Well, maybe you don’t want to – but I always like those old fashioned nineteenth century writers that tell us what they think.)

    Did Bush lose the election because we stayed for the nation-building? Should we have done as his father did and simply leave Iraq to the Iraqis after killing the sons & imprisoning the father? Did Bush learn about the nature of the world in his first term in office and you think a similar growth from isolationism to Wilsonianism will come from the Pelosis and Reids of 2007? Do you think in ten years another president will describe Iraq as Bush describes Somalia?

  2. “I have said not once but many times that I have seen war and that I hate war. I say that again and again.
    I hope the United States will keep out of this war. I believe that it will. And I give you assurance(s) and reassurance that every effort of your Government will be directed toward that end.”

    Franklin Roosevelt, Sept 3, 1939, http://www.mhric.org/fdr/chat14.html

    Things change.
    Dec 7, 1941.
    September 11, 2001

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