Happy Thanksgiving (and a personal OTOH)

May all Chicagoboyz writers & all Chicagoboyz readers have a pleasant Thanksgiving. Good turkey, good talk, good family times.

My oldest & her husband are home & we feel very thankful for them, their choices in life, and their warmth. My mother-in-law is 88 and will be bringing the salad & dessert. We are quite lucky.

On the other hand:
My daughter & her husband are in the garage apartment I have spoken of – which was begun in March and still is not done. You may all be thankful that you do not have the contractor we have. After nine months spent on two small rooms, he told us it was finished. Well, not quite – the overhead light switch is in the back of the murphy bed, there are no switches for the garbage disposals. The night before our children arrived (Nov. 21) he announced that the murphy bed was not a queen but rather a full bed – having not, apparently, noticed the difference in dimensions as the box was hammered together (this is the bed he said would be done October 12 and October 16 he announced that he couldn’t find any for the price he had bid.)

My life is good – by any normal standards I should spend all day tomorrow feeling deep gratitude for the joys of this life. On the other hand, I am not thankful that we signed a contract with this man. (Needless to say, this wiring – which will now tear up whole walls that he has plastered and painted & will now have to do again – is only one of many, many, many moments in this disaster.)

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