6 thoughts on “Got Girl Rock? Got Girlschool!!!”

  1. Girlschool absolutely, positively rocks — how can you do any better than covering glam? oh, wait, i’ve got it … play with Motorhead!!!! do an all girls birthday party!!!! every time i feel sorry for myself, not getting my just desserts in life, and all that, i think, wait; i might have actually been a minor genius (see girlschool, above, or lemmy for that matter)and not just an overeducated, undercompensated toff … man … oh man … i will never, ever, ever be immortalized on youtube like girlschool deservedly is… brilliant, ,,, is it too late to a) invent a time machine; b) go back in time, for peaceful purposes only, like, you know, c) kill baby hitler and stalin in one fell swoop, and d) fast forward to the late seventies/early eighties and date, well, the whole band? maybe if i had saved humanity, they might let me light their cigarettes and buy them a drink …. a boy can dream, can’t he? Geniuses, they are, geniuses…. oh, and hot in that total “art school before art school discovered punk” sort of way…. sorry; can’t think of a way to connect this to any redeeming memes, Jacksonian America or Milton Friedman (although I would like to think that certain economists I know, who loved the Blackhearts and Leta Ford also have a small spot in their hearts for the Girls) … And we’ve got them and we love them and the Talibs don’t!!! There’s your terrible, terrible freedom!!! Love it; Live it; Cherish it; TURN UP THE VOLUME…. DO IT AGAIN


  2. Carl, dude, I totally share your sentiments.

    These are vintage videos. In those days, at least you (and I) were both skinny. Maybe you would have had a shot with the drummer?

    As to economics or whatever, I will tell you now that I get a wicked lot of utils out of GIRLSCHOOL.

  3. They’re decent musicians; they can rock, but sorry. I just kept thinking, Spinal Tap: it really was a documentary.

    Playing a UK Saturday morning kids show? With 20th Century Boy? Why not Big Bottom?

    … aw, settle down, I’m just givin’ ya’all the raspberries.

  4. Yeah. The kid show thing is pretty weird. Almost as weird as the midget. Spinal Tap was more truth than fiction, as you you correctly note. But “they can rock” — and they do! All the rest is details.

  5. Well, at least durin’ those good ol’ days, GALS wanted to be OUR TOYS. These days, the equation seems to have inversed…

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