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  • Got Girl Rock? Got Girlschool!!!

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on September 17th, 2008 (All posts by )

    The Girls doin’ T-Rex’s 20th Century Boy. Yow.

    (What’s up with the midget?)

    And dig Please Don’t Touch, live with Motorhead!

    Yeah right? Yeah Right!


    6 Responses to “Got Girl Rock? Got Girlschool!!!”

    1. Carl Ortona Says:

      Girlschool absolutely, positively rocks — how can you do any better than covering glam? oh, wait, i’ve got it … play with Motorhead!!!! do an all girls birthday party!!!! every time i feel sorry for myself, not getting my just desserts in life, and all that, i think, wait; i might have actually been a minor genius (see girlschool, above, or lemmy for that matter)and not just an overeducated, undercompensated toff … man … oh man … i will never, ever, ever be immortalized on youtube like girlschool deservedly is… brilliant, ,,, is it too late to a) invent a time machine; b) go back in time, for peaceful purposes only, like, you know, c) kill baby hitler and stalin in one fell swoop, and d) fast forward to the late seventies/early eighties and date, well, the whole band? maybe if i had saved humanity, they might let me light their cigarettes and buy them a drink …. a boy can dream, can’t he? Geniuses, they are, geniuses…. oh, and hot in that total “art school before art school discovered punk” sort of way…. sorry; can’t think of a way to connect this to any redeeming memes, Jacksonian America or Milton Friedman (although I would like to think that certain economists I know, who loved the Blackhearts and Leta Ford also have a small spot in their hearts for the Girls) … And we’ve got them and we love them and the Talibs don’t!!! There’s your terrible, terrible freedom!!! Love it; Live it; Cherish it; TURN UP THE VOLUME…. DO IT AGAIN


    2. Lex Says:

      Carl, dude, I totally share your sentiments.

      These are vintage videos. In those days, at least you (and I) were both skinny. Maybe you would have had a shot with the drummer?

      As to economics or whatever, I will tell you now that I get a wicked lot of utils out of GIRLSCHOOL.

    3. jdm Says:

      They’re decent musicians; they can rock, but sorry. I just kept thinking, Spinal Tap: it really was a documentary.

      Playing a UK Saturday morning kids show? With 20th Century Boy? Why not Big Bottom?

      … aw, settle down, I’m just givin’ ya’all the raspberries.

    4. Lexington Green Says:

      Yeah. The kid show thing is pretty weird. Almost as weird as the midget. Spinal Tap was more truth than fiction, as you you correctly note. But “they can rock” — and they do! All the rest is details.

    5. Dan from Madison Says:

      I am more of a 21st century digital boy

    6. Yours Truly Says:

      Well, at least durin’ those good ol’ days, GALS wanted to be OUR TOYS. These days, the equation seems to have inversed…