Another Interesting Austin Scene…

Spotted yesterday, when we were taking our book stuff back to the public parking structure down the street from the Capitol Building … A 2nd Amendment Dog Walk. They had their dogs and their weapons, and flags, and seemed to be a very jolly and cheerful crew, seeing that that they were in the epicenter of liberal-slanting Austin; that little patch of blue in a sea of red. They were there to support a 2nd Amendment-backing candidate for office.


And yes, the t-shirt that the young man at the right does say f*ck ISIS in letters supposed to look like Arabic script, which is very clever of someone.

7 thoughts on “Another Interesting Austin Scene…”

  1. That woman to the left – what is that – a .44? What is it about petite women and large SUVs (and pistols?) (the female version of over-compensating?) :-)

  2. I don’t know, Bill – but it looks rather historic – like one of those long-barreled Colt dragoons. They were all gathered on the sidewalk by the ramp to the upper parking level, and the guy in the goatee with the Texas-flag-motif shirt was briefing them all about how they should conduct themselves during the event; be pleasant, cheerful, smiling and non-confrontational- but be firm and polite – was the gist of it. Rather like the briefings before Tea Party protests that I have been a part of, so overhearing it caught our attention.

  3. I was being half facetious Sgt Mom – and it does look like an historic pistol.

    But before gas went though the roof I used to see – more often than not – these petite (5′ or so) women driving Hummers – and we aren’t talking the H2 – but the big boy :-)

  4. The pistol is probably a Colt Peacemaker or SAA.

    Under TX law, open carry of a handgun is illegal. However, pre-1898 pistols, or replicas thereof, are not legally considered firearms, and thus can be open carried.

    After the kerfuffle(s) with the Open Carry TX a**hats (the nimrods carrying out their fantasy ideologies by walking into Chipotle, Target, etc, with ARs and AKs carried at the low ready like they were on patrol in Baghdad or Helmand), people demonstrating in favor of changing TX law to allow for lawful open carry of pistols were encouraged to OC with pre-1898 revolvers, as this was less inflamatory.

    When I move back, I’m going to get me a couple of bandoliers and 2-4 front stuffer pistols, and walk around Blackbeard-style.

  5. I actually think most places would be safer with open carry. I have no doubt there’s be a few incidents, but we have more than a few incidents now, and the criminals usually win them since they’re the only one armed. With open carry they’d generally be outgunned by law abiding citizens, which is how I prefer it.

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