Fall Colors at Their Apex

Last weekend we were in southern Wisconsin. Periodically we attempt to drive up and look at the fall colors but often we get there just a bit too early or a bit too late. This time we drove down a winding road and the colors were at their absolute apex – big golden leaves falling down right on the car.

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4 thoughts on “Fall Colors at Their Apex”

  1. Central Ohio hit peak within the last week too. Usually all our leaves are down by the end of October, but I think it will be a week later this year. This is odd, because the summer was not all that warm.

  2. It’s much like that for us in East Anglia: lots of sere and yellow leaf, except for the horse-chestnuts (disease), the Lombardy Poplars (furrin!) and the conifers (there are some very fine stands of Scots Pine). But one good blow and all but the evergreens will be bare. When I was young I thought Autumn easily the best season; old bones make me prefer Spring now. Our clocks have just gone back. Still, time for some lemon verbena tea: the herbs haven’t all clocked off for the winter yet.

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