Daniel Hannan at the Acton Institute, October 9, 2014

This is an outstanding talk by Daniel Hannan to the Acton Institute on October 9, 2014.

Hannan notes that conservatives almost want to believe that there is no hope in the future, that we have seen the best times and they are behind us. But he disagrees.

But my friends we are at our most persuasive, and at our most electorally successful, when as Ronald Reagan did in this country, as Margaret Thatcher did in mine, when we imbue our message with a little breath of warmth, a little hint of optimism, a promise that the best lies ahead.
Things do get better, provided that you have trade and exchange, and that you release the genius of a free people, things will get better at an accelerating rate

We make a similar point in America 3.0, which has the subtitle, “Why America’s Greatest Days are Yet to Come.”

They really are, if we make it happen.

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  1. Daniel Hannan may be the most eloquent voice in defense of liberty and capitalism in the English speaking world. For anyone not familiar with him or his works, you can find his books at Amazon and a number of speeches and interviews on YouTube.

    Here he is arguing against the socialist model at Oxford:
    Socialism Does NOT Work

    Also worth seeing:
    The New Road to Serfdom

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