A Politically Incorrect US View of the UK Election

It is hard to get any real news of the UK elections through the Patriots/Tim Brady deflated NFL football scandal and the on-going hate campaign against Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for the “Thought Crime” of offensive to multiculturalism free speech after the Garland, Texas shootings. And for those that try, no one is explaining the rise of the Scottish National and United Kingdom Independence Parties and collapse of the Conservatives (AKA Tories), Labour and Liberal Democratic Party. And especially the across the boards collapse of Labour in its heartland of Scotland. The PBS News Hour last night spent five minutes on the subject and completely ignored the two monstrous political elephants in the UK political room.

Labour’s Rotherham Horror, and Tory sex scandals as depicted in the UK political cartoon below —

The Real issues of the UK Election -- Rotherham Horror & Tory Sex Scandals
The Real issues of the UK Election — Rotherham Horror & Tory Sex Scandals

As the UK Telegraph summarized:

More than 1,400 children were sexually abused over a 16 year period by gangs of pedophiles after police and council bosses turned a blind eye for fear of being labelled racist, a damning report has concluded.
Senior officials were responsible for “blatant” failures that saw victims, some as young as 11, being treated with contempt and categorised as being “out of control” or simply ignored when they asked for help.
In some cases, parents who tried to rescue their children from abusers were themselves arrested. Police officers even dismissed the rape of children by saying that sex had been consensual.

This was a 16-year (between 1997 at the beginning of the Blair premiership and ending in 2013) long orgy of organized pedophilia by a Pakistani Muslim gang targeting under age, poor, white females and was defacto officially sanctioned by the Labour run Rotherham Council government, UK social services and the UK Police. The defacto acts of ratification being the prosecution and removal of female children from parents trying to save their daughters from the aforementioned Pakistani Muslim pedophile prostitution ring. Then the attacking of the UK Daily Mail reporter Sue Reid as “racist” for talking to the families of the victims and publicizing those stories.

This scandal has caused both the white working class and the white chav underclass in Scotland to abandon Labour en mass for the Scottish National Party (SNP) because they know that Labour will leave its children quite literally naked and defenseless before other “Asian” (the BBC code word for Pakistani and other non-white Muslim) gangs and that Labour will use the police to prevent the parents of those children from trying to save their kids.

This is also why Ed Miliband, leader of Labour came out to make “offensive to Islam” speech a “Hate Crime. Labour has to get a much higher “Asian” turn out to make up for its likely generation-long loss of the chavite voters in Scotland and Northern England.

In the meantime, the Conservative Tory party have been in power too long and have had yet another series of extended paedophile scandals of its own surfacing in 2012, the “latest escalated allegation” of which in late 2014 involved a claim that a Conservative MP murdered a young boy during a depraved sex party in the 1980s.

Normally, this would mean that the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) should move in as the beneficiary of this flame-out of the major parties. Unfortunately, the LDP has not been able to take advantage of the collapse of the two major UK parties because it has been in governing coalition partnerships with both Labour and the Tories during the times of both scandals (again see the cartoon above).

This has left an opportunity for the formerly fringe anti-European Union, anti-immigration, pro-English independence United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) to bleed Tory and LDP political support in England, threatening to reduce the Tory member of Parliament count to the point that it cannot get a majority nor should it be able to ally with either the nominally socialist, surging, SNP or the rump socialist Labour party that remains after today’s voting.

As well as Pakistani Muslims, the United Kingdom has also been experiencing a huge influx of East European “economic migrants” the largest group of which is Polish. This wave joins another, earlier “political” wave made up of former Free Polish Army exiles from communist Poland — AKA “the Polonia” — and together with the newest migrants they are all anti-socialist. The Polonia are generally middle to upper middle class, established, politically active and conservative. The newer Polish wave are described by a University of Roehampton professor in the ECONOMIST as —

…A study before the London mayoral elections by Michal Garapich of the University of Roehampton among the half-million or east European migrants registered to vote in the capital showed a generally conservative mindset, politically somewhat disengaged, but worried about crime, school discipline and family breakdown, with blunt yet tolerant views on other minorities. That chimes with another finding of the Brunel study, that the Poles who come to Britain start with a cast of mind closer to Britons than to their compatriots at home.

Will the Polonia and new Polish economic migrants who are registered to vote in the UK stay with the nominally free market Conservatives, vote UKIP, or just stay home? Heck if I know. The number of Tory seats in the next Parliament will tell us the various ways they all jumped.

Being utterly cynical here, I would not be surprised at a Tory/SNP coalition government in a few weeks. The SNP wants to keep its new supporters in the habit of voting SNP, and the fear of Labour in power is what brought the white chav underclass voters in Scotland to the SNP in the first place.

Coalition government as a junior partner to Labour is going to leave the SNP in the same wilderness as the LDP at the next election with scared chav voters.

The Tories want to keep power period. Having the greater threat of a broken up UK later does not beat the reward of more power now.

The UKIP meanwhile will grow in popularity and credibility as the SNP’s rise makes their polar opposite for England become more and more viable… especially for anti-socialists like the Polish diaspora.

The “Velvet Divorce” of Czechoslovakia may be the UK’s fate.

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  1. I began reading the news reports about the Rotherham matter, and I was absolutely sickened that the local authorities and the police turned a blind eye to it all for years – essentially throwing young working class girls into a sexual Moloch, just because they were afraid of being called racist. I am fairly certain that the abusers knew this and played upon it. I have also read hints in some stories that ethnic “Asian” police officers and local politicians especially turned a blind eye.
    Basically it seems that the ruling classes bought “Asian” votes by throwing the bodies of lower-class girls to them, and letting them do what they wanted. Talk about dissolving the people and replacing them with another…

  2. I also wonder just how neutered the British population has become. If something like that happened where I live I can guarantee you the authorities would not survive the response.

  3. I posted around regularly when Lee Rigby was beheaded, at just how pathetic the response was to that outrage. Then, Colleen Hufford was butchered in similar fashion, here, with an equally timid reaction. So, I had to zip it. Not big on frontier justice, but neither of the two murderers should have been able to walk away from those scenes. Over on the firearm forums there are a good number of UK and Aussie posters wishing they had options.

  4. With the will to fight, with a sense of public propriety that front-loads you and the people around you with the need to Do Something, Now, Right Now, you have options. Dad told me about Kitty Genovese (he didn’t even mention her name, just told me the story) when I was in my young teens and sternly admonished me to never let that happen. And I never will.

    Being armed expands the menu of options. But it is no substitute. And frankly, most modern city-dwelling Westerners seem to think food comes from Safeway and free speech is Twittering and their inalienable rights consist solely of being comfortable — and ignoring anything that make them UNcomfortable, hopefully by getting the government to do something for them — and self defense is calling 911. We have raised two-three generations of hyperspecialized sheep. They are good at what they do for a living. They may be wonderful parents and have very sharp minds. But without an army of other hyperspecialized sheep to do everything from bake bread to tune their car to stop a burglar, they are utterly helpless.

    Which I think is why all that old Firefox-book self-help stuff is quietly coming back into vogue, just as it did when I was growing up in the 70’s (which I always considered the nadir of modern American history until now). People are buying guns at record rates, and at least a quarter of the hits on the FBI’s NICS system are unique. People are learning hot-water canning, recycling, using table scraps to make ethyl alcohol for their little generator just as their rural great-grandparents did. Culture is a sturdy and a stubborn thing. I think our system of government may be nearly unsalvageable. I am much more hopeful about the state of American culture, no matter what dominates the airwaves and no matter what the PC Nazis massage or intimidate the public opinion polls into telling us. Look at the Middle East. We have seen there what a depressingly sticky and persistent and annoying thing it is — that bundle of socio-cultural memes that all human beings come front-loaded with by the time they are six years old; what our medieval ancestors lumped together with the Bible and called ‘law and custom’ — but it will work to our benefit here, I think.

    Keep troth.

  5. Rotherham is actually worse than described here. The police were shown to have been fully cognizant of what was going on, all the way up to the highest levels. Not only have there been no sanctions against those cops who enabled mass child rape; those command staff have been promoted.

    What complicates things is that from what it appears, there not only is no party that deserves power, there is no party that can get enough of a majority to rule without its ideological enemies. Which means there is no possibility of a stable government. Not long ago, Parliament changed the rules. Parliaments now have a fixed 5 year term, so the safety valve of a government “falling” and new elections being called is not there. This is going to lead to a equivalent of a constitutional crisis [such as the unwritten British Constitution is] that will probably remove consent of the governed even more from the British political scene.

    All the major parties, even the Conservatives, are functionally socialist and elitist; with the SNP being more Left than Labour. All are pro-EU and anti-Brit sovereignty. There are no real alternatives for the British, and no recent history of resistance to government overreach. This is not going to end well.

    Just for giggles, throw in the detail that the Queen who is the symbol of national unity, is not getting any younger. And Charles, Prince of Wales and heir, is a pro-Islamist moonbat.

    This is going to be something to watch from a safe distance.

    Not that our functional one-party state has much of an advantage.

  6. Subotai Bahadur,

    Americans, as yet, are not British. See Garland, TX.

    The signs are there that pre-revolutionary conditions are building. Clivin Bundy in Utah is but one example.

    When Geller or Spector get wounded or killed by this building Pim Fortuyn-style media elite hate campaign. The brakes come off for retaliatory Right Wing violence. (Note this Prediction of fact, not desire for same)

    When such violence breaks out, there will not be enough Federal law enforcement to hunt it all down due to a distinct lack of public cooperation from large sectors of the population.

    Hunting down people hitting known terrorist supporters to protect Americans from terrorist attacks will not be popular outside elite circles or the Left.

    Worse, the retaliatory Right Wing will use social media to start hunting the families of the worst Left-ideological Fed law enforcement trying to protect terrorist supporters.

    The undeniable “tell” for pre-revolutionary conditions having arrived will be imprisoned retaliatory Right Wing perps successfully escaping from Federal custody.

    Escapes like that can only happen with inside assistance, and inside assistance means the Feds have an internal security issue with their own Right wing.

  7. “The signs are there that pre-revolutionary conditions are building. Clivin Bundy in Utah is but one example.”

    I agree and, while I doubt the mass civil disobedience scenario, I see a withdrawal of a large share of US population from social activity reacted to welfare and racial “diversity.”

    My go to guy every day is Richard Fernandez who has some interesting things to say about Britain.

    What’s interesting isn’t that Islam4UK spokesman Anjem Choudary believes that death should come to all who insult Mohammed, but that the Western cultural elites who would be his most probable victims think it’s bigoted to even question his view. But Choudary the parasite understands, perhaps more than his hapless intellectual hosts, upon whose body he feasts and is laying his eggs, how paralyzing the venom of political correctness is. “When asked why, if Western society was so bad, he lived here, he replied: ‘We come here to civilize people, get them to come out of the darkness and injustice into the beauty of Islam.’”

    In fact, as Fernandez points out, he came to Britain to escape 7th century society but is trying to bring it with him. Most of these British Muslims are on the Dole.

    But as earlier stated, it is no surprise that Choudry should fail to mention this. The truly astonishing thing is that Western intellectuals should not.

    But perhaps it’s not so astonishing because fatwas — although they were called other things — were a standard feature of totalitarian ideologies like Western Communism. And that comes rather too close to home in the modern left.

    The Soviets called these death warrants the “highest means of punishment” and they were issued in the millions. We have an actual example in documents released by President Dmitry Medvedev which show the paperwork ordering the execution of more than 21,000 Polish intellectuals, military officers and clergymen in Katyn Wood. That was small change in the larger scheme of things. Stalin killed by people by the million. The First Chief Directorate was often tasked with assassinating individuals abroad.

  8. That should be “related to welfare…” Autocorrect snuck in when I wasn’t looking.

  9. “Cameron, the current Tory PM, is now at 62%”

    I think that what you were seeing was 62 cents

    “There are no real alternatives for the British, and no recent history of resistance to government overreach”

    There’s the West Lothian question, which since the Scottish separatist campaign has been slowly morphing into a push for federalism.

  10. No, sorry check that. My connection must have some kind of delay.

    You are correct Trent, Conservatives gaining sharply

  11. Subotai Bahadur said:

    “All the major parties, even the Conservatives, are functionally socialist and elitist; with the SNP being more Left than Labour.”

    Social class is at least as important as race here, and certainly is in the US too.

  12. “The signs are there that pre-revolutionary conditions are building. Clivin Bundy in Utah is but one example.”

    Remember Mattais Rust, his rented Cessna, and the landing at Red Square? How many days from that aircraft landing to the fall of the Berlin Wall? Then the Soviet Union? A thousand days, maybe? Fifteen hundred?

    Doug Hughes just landed an gyrocopter in the Washington Mall, delivering protest mail to Congress.

    When the ruling class can’t even keep the parade grounds clear of a lone protestor, any illusion of overwhelming power has gone.

  13. The “Tory sex scandals” mentioned seem to me to be pure fantasy, inserted to give the impression of even-handedness. It’s true that, by tradition, Tories are felled by sex scandals (bonking a woman not your wife) and Labour by financial scandals (including simple theft), but extra-marital bonking is less frowned on nowadays. The latest sex scandal involves the Labour ex-MP (and now Lord) Greville Janner, who is alleged to have been an active pederast, but is not to be charged because of his Alzheimer’s. The public prosecutor’s office was pretty thoroughly taken over by Labour people during Blair’s time; whether that has any bearing on Janner’s treatment I don’t know. It is unlikely to have raised the chances of his being prosecuted, I’ll say that.

  14. If the exit polls are correct then all the pre-election predictions were extremely wrong. A stunning debacle.

  15. “The public prosecutor’s office was pretty thoroughly taken over by Labour people during Blair’s time”

    The same occurred with Bush and that is why they took down Senator Ted Stevens.

    In February 2009, FBI agent Chad Joy filed a whistleblower affidavit, alleging that prosecutors and FBI agents conspired to withhold and conceal evidence that could have resulted in a verdict of “not guilty.”[102] In his affidavit, Joy alleged that prosecutors intentionally sent a key witness back to Alaska after the witness performed poorly during a mock cross examination. The witness, Rocky Williams, later notified the defense attorneys that his testimony would undercut the prosecution’s claim that his company had spent its own money renovating Sen. Stevens’s house. Joy further alleged that the prosecutors intentionally withheld Brady material including redacted prior statements of a witness, and a memo from Bill Allen stating that Sen. Stevens probably would have paid for the goods and services if asked. Joy further alleged that a female FBI agent had an inappropriate relationship with Allen, who also gave gifts to FBI agents and helped one agent’s relative get a job.

    As a result of Joy’s affidavit and claims by the defense that prosecutorial misconduct caused an unfair trial, Judge Sullivan ordered a hearing to be held on February 13, 2009, to determine whether a new trial should be ordered. At the February 13 hearing the judge held the prosecutors in contempt for failing to deliver documents to Stevens’s legal counsel.[103] Judge Sullivan called this conduct “outrageous.”

    The DoJ prosecutors were Clinton holdovers. Morris was at DoJ from 1991. The Democrats filibustered all Bush appointments after he was inaugurated and he, very unwisely, left the Clinton people in place. He then dismissed the US attorneys a year later and Democrats raised hell. Alberto Gonzales, then AG, got most of the flack which was undeserved since they serve at the president’s pleasure. Clinton fired all of GHW Bush’s US attorneys when he was inaugurated and Democrats didn’t raise a peep.

    In 2012, the Special Counsel report on the case was released. It said,[108]

    The investigation and prosecution of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens were permeated by the systematic concealment of significant exculpatory evidence which would have independently corroborated Senator Stevens’s defense and his testimony, and seriously damaged the testimony and credibility of the government’s key witness.

    The Holder standard was now in place.

  16. Via Sky News —

    The poll put the Conservatives on 316 seats, Labour on 239, the Scottish National Party on 58, the Liberal Democrats on 10 and UKIP on two.

    It appears that the estimates of Chav voter defections from Labour to the SNP were greatly over stated.

    And the Polish immigrants jumped back on the Conservative bandwagon.

    The magic number for a majority is 326.

  17. Trent Telenko Says:
    May 7th, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    Subotai Bahadur,

    Americans, as yet, are not British. See Garland, TX.

    Americans aren’t. Their governing institutions, however, are not that far from the British and closing fast. But, Americans and their government are definitely not the same and are more and more frequently at odds with each other.

    In reference to Garland, Texas; it seems that the Left, the government, and the media [massive redundancy there, I know] are in lockstep trying to create and enforce a meme to the effect that anything that they [Left, government, media] define as “hate speech” is not protected by the Constitution. And hate speech is anything they disagree with.

    We are actually on the same page. I spent much of the evening writing a post to my email list explaining roughly the same concepts, although I related it more to Hobbe’s Leviathan and a touch of Clausewitz.

    I also expect, not hope for but definitely expect, that the breakdown in the real rule of law [as in our Nomenklatura regardless of party designation and their hangers-on being above the law and believing that they are above any consequences for their actions] is leading to them using the coercive organs of State Power more and more blatantly. And it will lead without doubt to the concept of consequences being reintroduced to them in an untidy fashion by means similar to what you list.

    Further, the sense of civitas in whatever aftermath results will be so degraded that whatever follows will be based more on force and less on trust. Once again, it is not what I want, but I see no alternative. If only because of the American people being like Garland, Texas and the American government being closer to the Vichy French.

  18. Well, well, well. Labour crushed and the Conservatives to form a government, albeit with a slim majority. In Scotland the Nationalist Socialists routed the Unionist Socialists. (When I was a boy the Conservatives – then known in Scotland as Unionists – held the majority of Scottish seats. Changed days.)

    Some particularly disagreeable MPs thrown out, including George Galloway – who never saw a Muslim or Communist dictator he didn’t like – and Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Mr Moribund expected to resign as Labour leader.

    I don’t think much of Cameron, but Moribund would have been a good deal worse. It’s a pity that Farage of Ukip didn’t win his seat – he’d have added to the gaiety of the nation. The astonishingly ambitious Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is back in the Commons. He was born a US citizen: you guys should snap him up, though maybe his ebullient, intelligent, highly educated style would not go down too well in the US. Nor his weakness for fornication. But jeeze he’d be an improvement over O or Hellary.

  19. Oh yes, and we’ve now got our youngest MP since 1667, apparently, a kid still studying for her Finals at Glasgow.

  20. Three party leaders resign – Miliband (Labour), Clegg (Liberal Democrats), and Farage (Ukip).

  21. Via Instapundit —

    DAVID PRYCE-JONES: Westminster Election Diary. “The pundits repeated in unanimous chorus that the Conservatives and Labour were neck and neck. Through the night, though, the Conservatives were winning seats by ever-larger margins, and Labour was losing them. By now, David Cameron is evidently able to form a Conservative government unshackled by a coalition. The astonishment and disbelief of those chorusing pundits, especially on the BBC, is a comedy that lightens the spirits. The cause of the Labour downfall is simple enough. Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, proves to be a hard-line Leftist, believing that the state should control the individual and the individual should have no control over the state. Resenting capitalism, he wants to control markets and punish through taxation everyone who has benefitted from markets. He reminds me of Mikhael Gorbachev whose policy of perestroika was supposed to have the edge over reality. One look at him has been enough for the people of England.” Would that Americans had been so discerning.

    Plus: Tunku Varadarajan: 10 UK Election Takeaways. “When you compute Tory gains, and the astounding likelihood (as of this writing) that UKIP ranks third among the parties for votes polled in England, you have a picture of a defiant, nationalist England. The Scots will separate, but on England’s terms.”

    UPDATE: “What’s so absolutely astonishing is the British public gave Tories a majority in spite of being told not to by so many comedians. Weird.”

    Posted at 8:44 am by Glenn Reynolds

  22. The wipe out of Labour in Scotland means defacto partition the UK is simply a matter of time.

    It also means the Left in England is decisively weakened, for a generation or more, because the UKIP’s vote won’t go to Labour.

    And everyone in the US & UK media is still ignoring the Rotherham Horror, publicly, even if it did decisively sway the voting results.

  23. Via the National Review e-mail this morning —

    They’re having their own “how could the pollsters be so wrong?” debate that we had in the United States after the 2014 midterms.

    Dr Chris Hanretty, of BBC Newsnight’s Index and the University of East Anglia, said he felt “a little bit foolish”.

    “When we said we might be wrong, we talked about being 20 or 25 seats off on the top two parties. We did not think we would be off by more than 40 seats. And we categorically ruled out a majority.

    “We’ll be looking at our forecast model and trying to work out what we could have done better. We imagine the polling industry will be doing the same,” he told the BBC.” We should have expected far more ‘shy Tories’.”

    Theory: The more obnoxious and confrontational the Left gets, the “shyer” the Tories get when the pollsters call.

  24. They’re called “shy Tories” because they are worried that someone will shy a brick throughout their windows.

  25. Trent – When were the Liberal Democrats in a coalition with Labour? The party has only existed since 1988, when the Liberals formally merged with the Social Democrats.

    (In the early 1920s, the old Liberal Party supported Labour for a year or so, but even then weren’t in a formal coalition.)

  26. Human nature will not change. People will always turn a blind eye to some group. That group will be lawless for sometime. It is impossible to have leaders wise enough to make this impossible.

    Imagine: the KKK flourished because people were afraid of not being called “racist.”
    Now oppression and molestation flourish because people are afraid of being called “racist.”

    “The wipe out of Labour in Scotland means defacto partition the UK is simply a matter of time.”

    We can hope, but it didn’t happen in Quebec. Why will it happen with Scotland? As long as both Quebec and Scotland squeal and are rewarded, both will talk and talk but never exit (note conditional in that phrase). As I oft said of Quebec: the rest of the country should vote to kick them out.

    If Scotland leaves the UK won’t the increased the percentage of Moslems in the (rump) Great Britain?

    Unless Cameron suddenly adopts the UKIP platform, little will change. Will he eliminate the TV license, force the BBC to be private corporation, abolish National Health, withdraw from EU? No: more of the same.

    If only the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies could be restored.

    When I think of how medieval Englishmen would have acted had Rotherham in 1236, or how Romans would have reacted in 236, I wonder what is wrong with moderns.

    “where I live I can guarantee you the authorities would not survive the response.”

    If you live in at least some places in the US, this would be demonstrably false.

  27. And everyone in the US & UK media is still ignoring the Rotherham Horror, publicly, even if it did decisively sway the voting results.

    About that, I provide a thread at the website of the Englishian SF author Charles Stross. He is a leftist, although I credit him with being smarter than most and more willing to tolerate dissent on his site.


    No one asked, but I call him Englishian because he commonly refers to Americans as “USian,” which I find mildly annoying.

    Anyway, I scanned through that thread and found no mention at all of the Rotherham atrocity, which I find amazing but not surprising. I did, however, see a commenter blame the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on the United States.

    USia. Not a sparrow falls anywhere in the world that we do not maliciously kill, because of our terrible racism and stuff.

  28. >>UPDATE: “What’s so absolutely astonishing is the British public gave Tories a majority in spite of being told not to by so many comedians. Weird.”

    That’s very insightful. Many people vote and get their understanding of economics, history, and foreign policy from sit-com celebrities, comedians and news readers. To have the average person buck their recommendation is actually astonishing.

  29. >>I did, however, see a commenter blame the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on the United States.

    People will twist themselves into all sorts of intellectual knots to avoid facing reality. Leftists and communists have been denying the reality of leftism and communism since the 1920’s. A century of lying to themselves and still going strong!

  30. “I am a member of the Doncaster Labour Party but I have never voted for Labour since Ed Miliband was first imposed on Doncaster, yesterday I voted UKIP. I say no more Labour Leaders who are former special advisor’s, that is somebody who as never had a real job.

    A comment from the Mail article that Hillary might ponder.

  31. >>I say no more Labour Leaders who are former special advisor’s, that is somebody who as never had a real job.

    I say I will not vote for any more Senators for president. Or activists and anyone else who runs their mouth for a living and doesn’t have to manage anything or produce results of any sort. I want someone who has run some large organization, like a corporation or a state.

    I also want to hear how they plan on reducing the size of the state and increasing the level of freedom and choice I have as a citizen. I have no interest in how they plan to make the government bigger or better.

  32. This is a very interesting forum. Love the discussion.
    Forgive my lack of writing skill in the reply, I spent my life as a tradesman.

    The lack of response to events like the Rotherham Horror is curious. A few thoughts on why this might be.

    An increasingly secular population. If this world and this life is all you ever will have, losing your life , freedom and property is a penalty of a severity , that those who believe in Gods love and salvation are unaffected by- this is the reason the State and the left attack Christianity with such vigor- it provides a spiritual backbone, a place where all the penalties the State can apply are invalid. In the muslim exception to State persecution of religion, there is an example of what happens when the State and it’s minions are actually, physically frightened of their population- they leave them the hell alone.
    As an aside, and illustration- I watched a friend go through a 14 year persecution by a county DA on a trumped up gun charge- he acted as his own lawyer, and finally beat the charges after multiple dismissals and refiling of charges by the DA. I do not believe he would would have been able to stand up to the State without his faith.

    Lack of initiative-feeling of helplessness- A population increasingly on the dole- waiting around for a check, standing in endless lines to beg some officious bureaucrat for the right papers, associating with others in the same situation- these are things that corrode action. You learn to do what you are told.
    In the Book, “Ordinary Men”, the author describes a Nazi extermination company made up of reserve police officers- they could exempt themselves from this duty by request- notably, small business owners, writers, artists, craftsmen, were absent- the ranks were filled with those who had gotten used to taking instruction from others- laborers, clerks, minor gov. functionaries,etc.

    The absence of a individual target focus- now in the Rotherham Horror, this is less of an issue-but in most of the States egregious offenses,individual responsibly is hidden in a bureaucratic maze. ” I’m sorry, it’s just policy”. Following the rules, those westerners clinging to the rags of civilization meekly turn away. Other cultures and religions are not so easily dissuaded.

  33. >>Trent – When were the Liberal Democrats in a coalition with Labour? The party has only existed since 1988,
    >>when the Liberals formally merged with the Social Democrats.

    Jim, That was my bad.

    Earlier on this article had SDP as opposed to LDP.

    I’ll have to go back and edit that.

  34. >>Labour’s holding Rotherham is the only result that can reasonably be called disgusting.

    Muslims in Rotherham get a vote too.

    This tells you the demographics of that community.

  35. And here is another reason why Labour held Rotherham —

    “In seats like Oldham West and Royton, South Shields and Rotherham UKIP won between 20% and 30% of the vote.”

    Many scared whites split their vote in Rotherham and went UKIP.

  36. A silver lining for UKIP

    Beneath the surface they are getting stronger

    Interesting thought on the UKIP —

    Ed Brown

    Newsnight producer

    Posted at 15:38

    UKIP now have fewer MPs than they did before the election.

    But there is a silver lining.

    After the 2010 election, UKIP came first in 0 constituencies, second in 0 constituencies, and third in 4.

    This election they came first in 1 constituency, second in 120 constituencies, third in 364 constituencies.

    That means in 120 constituencies, UKIP can now credibly claim to be the tactical vote to keep x party out. Don’t be surprised if some of those seconds turn into firsts next time around.

  37. “Muslims in Rotherham get a vote too. This tells you the demographics of that community.”

    Actually, it doesn’t; there are far too few of them to explain the size of the Labour vote, even if you make some guesses about the size of voter fraud. Rotherham is not a place with a huge Muslim population.

  38. “Rotherham is not a place with a huge Muslim population.”

    Besides which, the Muslim spokesman said he wouldn’t vote Labour because “Miliband is a Jew.” They went to all this trouble to imoort a new voting public and then this happens.

  39. ErisGuy Says:
    May 8th, 2015 at 9:58 am

    …“The wipe out of Labour in Scotland means defacto partition the UK is simply a matter of time.”

    We can hope, but it didn’t happen in Quebec. Why will it happen with Scotland?

    Cameron this morning promised the Scots the sun, moon, stars, and a first lien on Prince Charles’ left gonad in the way of devolution of powers. This needs to be viewed in comparison to his other promise today of an in-out national referendum on staying in the EU. Because he has promised a referendum before, and reneged. If he reneges on the devolution [and how much more is there to devolve?], there are going to be a lot of mickle-pissed Scots, under a united Scottish Nationalist Party. The first reaction is going to be towards independence, and there is no one on the English side who will really fight to force them to stay.

    But let us say that he gives Scotland functional independence. a) what is to keep them from demanding it be made formal? Would that be British taxpayer subsidies and bribes? b) What will the reaction of the English, Welsh, and Northern Irish be to that? c) if the Scots are functionally independent, have local home rule, and still are voting on purely English matters in the Brit Parliament; the English are going to be as upset as the Scots were when under English control.

    Add in the vague possibility that there actually may be a referendum on EU membership, and Britain may walk. The Scots want to stay in the EU.

    Buy popcorn. This is going to be entertaining in a certain morbid way.

    Subotai Bahadur

  40. “Cameron this morning promised the Scots the sun, moon, stars, and a first lien on Prince Charles’ left gonad in the way of devolution of powers”

    And no one asked for proof such things existed, or demanded proof Cameron owned them. He’s selling cars he doesn’t own.

  41. “what the Brits gain by keeping Scotland in the UK”: you seem to be confused by what “Brits” means.

  42. >>I don’t understand what the Brits gain by keeping Scotland in the UK.

    Retaining the Holly Lock Trident Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine base.

  43. The North Sea lil reserves may have been exaggerated by a lot. The SNP is counting on them to justify independence. They might not be there for long.

    Sir Ian Wood, the most influential figure in the Scottish oil industry, has accused Alex Salmond’s government of exaggerating North Sea oil reserves by up to 60%.

    Wood, the billionaire founder of the oil services firm Wood Group, said the first minister’s administration had also overestimated North Sea oil income over the next five years by up to £2bn a year or £370 per person, raising serious questions about Salmond’s public spending plans.

    Revealing himself as an opponent of Scottish independence, Wood said North Sea oil reserves would begin to decline sharply within 15 years, raising questions about the future of the Scottish economy, jobs and its balance of payments if voters backed independence.

    If they decline or significantly run out, the lefty SNP will be in big trouble. England should start fracking or at least explore.

    The consultation comes as a new report by the British Geological Survey (BGS) estimates there are 4.4bn barrels of oil in shale rocks in southern England.
    The BGS estimates there are between 2.2 billion and 8.6 billion barrels of shale oil in the Weald Basin – that covers areas including Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent – but says there is “no significant gas resource”.

  44. Just to be clear the term ‘Asian’ is not British media code for Muslim. Yes, in the Rotherham case saying ‘Asian’ leaves out important specifics as you point out but the same British media has long used ‘Asian’ without further elaboration when referring to Hindus, Sikhs, and other people who originated mostly on the Indian subcontinent. Far Easterners such as Chinese, Koreans and the like (ie the kind of people Americans likely think of when they hear the word ‘Asian’) are few and far between especially outside London and are more likely to be given their specific nationality when mentioned in media. Historically non-Muslim Asians also voted Labour. Sikhs in Scotland are mostly pro-SNP.

    I don’t think you are right about the Poles. Pre-election reports suggested they would overwhelmingly vote Labour despite their natural conservatism. They seem to believe Ukip are the reincarnation of the Nazis and that David Cameron wants to throw them out. Poles are upset at him for promising a referendum on EU membership. Increasingly many are taking out British citizenship due to the possibility of the UK leaving the EU. Assuming there is a referendum, as Cameron promised, Poles will vote to keep the country in the EU.

    Some good news for Ukippers. Despite not winning the seat Nigel Farage contested in Thanet Ukip have succeeded in taking over the local council. It makes Thanet the first authority ever controlled by the party. They got 33 seats compared 18 for the Tories, 4 for Labour, and an independent. Hopefully they’ll manage things competently so prospective future voters will see them as more than just a populist protest party.

  45. “Just to be clear the term ‘Asian’ is not British media code for Muslim.”

    “South Asian” is the term I see in British newspapers, including the Guardian. “Muslim” is never seen as far as I can see.

    It’s a bit like the use of “youths” to describe violent black gangs here. The same term is used in France for violent Muslim gangs.

    It’s getting so we need a Thesaurus to read the newspaper.

  46. “Asian” in the British papers means sub-continental. Of course, if it’s bad news being reported you are at liberty to guess which variety of sub-continental personages are most likely to be involved. Sometimes recently I’ve seen “Pakistani-heritage” used.

  47. It appears that Labour’s Ed Miliband convinced the working class in England and Scotland that Labour was run by effete academic Leftists that wanted nothing to do with the working man’s interests.

    So they voted SNP, UKIP and mostly Conservative/Tory, depending on where they lived.

  48. I wonder how the connection of Democrats with the underclass will work with Obama gone from the ticket ?

  49. This is Noah Rothman of the Hot Air blog on the London riots and the implications for the Post-Obama political era —

    Left-wing Londoners riot, deface landmarks over massive conservative election victory
    posted at 2:01 pm on May 10, 2015 by Noah Rothman


    “The violent clashes culminated in the defacing of London’s famous monument in honor of “the women of World War II.” Just days after Britain celebrated the 70th anniversary of its victory over the Nazis who forced Londoners to endure the horrors of the Blitz, the grandchildren of those tenacious Englishmen and women indulged in a fit of infantile socialist pique and vandalized the monument to their struggle”


    “There is a popular strain of fatalism in the United States that has become dominant after a year of urban violence that holds it is likely the United States will see similar demonstrations of petulance from the nation’s left-wing youth in the event that Democrats do not retain control of the White House in 2016. It’s certainly a possible outcome, but it would hopefully be as limited in scope as were these British demonstrations. It is also possible that this embarrassing temper tantrum from the throng of oversize infants in the U.K. has embarrassed other Western left-wing agitators into abandoning this manner of unproductive approach to protest. That’s perhaps unlikely, but I suppose anything is possible. “

  50. Currently NATO is trying to start a nuclear war with Russia (Jade Helm will provide martial law across the US after the russian missles hit the US starting in July 2015). NATO will strike first.

    Rather than destroy western civ, NATO should leave Russia alone and invade North Africa and replace the governments that are forcing all these refugees to flee across the Med to Europe.

    If you think I am crazy: today NATO broke off diplomatic relations with Russia, sending Russian diplomats home from NATO HQ (claing they are spies).

  51. John Kerry is in Moscow right now capitulating to Putin and has been there all week. We did not sever ties with Russia.
    You need to reevaluate your conspiracy theory web site sources.

  52. Kerry can capitulate to Moscow all he wants.

    Both Putin and Kerry’s problem is the Ukraine will not.

  53. I ran into the following blog post and the comments below from “Spawny Get” seem to sum up the UK election from an English perspective —



    SFC Ton says:

    9 May, 2015 at 11:13 am

    How is it not better cor the British to see Scotland go? As I under my it Scotland takes in way more taxes then it generates. If that is so, it would be better for the Brit’s to send them packing


    Spawny Get says:

    9 May, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Well…one doesn’t wish to sound ungracious to our northern neighbours…but you said it, Ton.

    For a long time the English have known that a huge number of Scots don’t like us (and the Welsh don’t either), but we sort of pretend not to notice because nothing good comes of the fight (it’s the same regarding all the other nations. shh! it’s a secret, but we hear what you say). This election forced the English to act in our own interests. Those interests are not those of the SNP. (The Welsh voted to show that Plaid Cymru aren’t even in the Welsh interests.)

    If the Scots want to fuck off leave the union and pay their own way…fine by us. BUT that is not what the SNP are currently saying (because with oil etc it’s not viable). What they want now, and thought they’d get by ransom from Weak Ed Milibland, is for the English to fund their socialist / marxist / communist policies. The SNP said they’d put Scotland ahead of everything…and the English heard them and voted to stop them. Too late, the SNP wound back the rhetoric on TV going to the English.

    If you remember, a few days ago, I said that a guy living in Scotland told me that Sturgeon’s problem was that she never knew when she was going too far. And that’s what she did. She wound up the ScotNats with anti-English “we’ll screw them over”. It worked magic in Scotland (the SNP took pretty much everything), but she pissed off the English. She went too far. Might work in the longer term because the SNP will bitch and whine at every decision they can claim isn’t directly in their favour; they’ll drive a wedge between the nations to the point that the split will happen regardless of the consequences for the Scots.

    Anyway…back to the election; The English saw that prospect (Labour being supported into government and then held to ransom) and they went and voted in the only way available to stop that happening. They voted Tory even though Cammie is not liked very much.

    The SNP won the election for the Tories.

    They helped the Limps to their destruction (they gave their voters a meaningful place to put their protest votes against what the Limps did last time)

    They hurt UKIP by causing would-be voters to decide that to play safe for the UK they had to go back to the Tories again (in the south of England. Not the North. Nothern Labour voters voted anti-Labour by voting UKIP)


    Spawny Get says:

    9 May, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    Reading between the lines, it seems likely that Cammie will give Scotland more than they bargained for; he’ll make them financially independent (although leaving them in the Pound). The SNP demanded after the election that the SNP massive victory meant that they needed even more than previously promised…they may get more…right up to the hilt.

    If you watch interviews you’ll see the SNP backing away from that fast…because it will mean they pay their own way.

    If Cammie does that, a lot of people south of the border will like him just a little more. I will. I’d rather we kept the Union but on fair terms. The Barnet formula (google it) favours the Scots. The Welsh want the same deal. The English want to know why their pocket keeps getting picked.

  54. The US has re-fortified cheyenne mountain. Obviously preparing for a nuclear attack by China and Russia. The US war party has written off both the East Coast cities and the West Coast cities and defense industries. That is why Jade Helm takes place in flyover country. The idea is to quickly re-establish Federal control after a nuclear attack. Jade Helm starts 15 July. That’s when the war starts.

    If there is war, Europe will be destroyed. Americans have 30 days (until July 15) to see London before its destroyed. Ditto Paris, Rome, Athens et alia.

    NATO has been trying to start a war with Russia for 2 years. First the US overthrew the Ukraine government (2013) and installed a puppet regime. It shot down an airliner and Obama blamed the Russians. NATO has moved enough tanks, artillery, bombers, missles and troops into Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Poland to invade and conquer Western Russia in less than 1 week. Putin assembled a large army in Moscow for the 9 May celebration – Moscow is only 100 miles from US/NATO forces massed on the Lithuanian border with Russia. The NATO forces are practicing invading Moscow.

    50% of Russia’s defence industry was in the Ukraine before 2014. Because the US now controls the Ukraine, it controls half of Russia’s defense industry. It controls 90% of Europes gas supply because it controls the pipeline that passes through the Ukraine.

    Russia does NOT want to fight a conventional war on its own soil or in the Ukraine. More cities would be destroyed by US conventional weapons than would be destroyed in a nuclear attack. NATO argues that it has a perfect air defense that will stop all Russian missles and it dares Putin to launch his missles. Russia has 90 missles (land and sea) each missle can lanch 6 warheads = 540 warheads.

    If only 1% get through then US loses 6 cities. No dfense system is 99% perfect.

    Therefore, I predict the UK will probably join France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Greece and disband NATO and kick the US out of Europe.

  55. I’m pretty sure Grey Eagle is part of the Russian disinformation corps. He (she?) is always here parroting the Russian propaganda line and making lots of threats, both implied and direct.

    Cheyenne Mountain is being refurbished because:
    1. It’s due.
    2. It’s a good place for NORAD to weather an EMP attack.


    Disinformation: Nicolae Ceausescu’s Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism:

    The purpose of Russian disinformation is to redirect blame for Russian acts of war or aggression and/or accomplish through lies what cannot be accomplished by other means. For example, the Russians cannot do anything to stop the refurbishment of Cheyenne Mountain, so the line they peddle in order to remove public support is that its refurbishment will lead to war. Exactly the opposite is true, of course. The stronger and more prepared we are the less likely is war. But some fools will believe it.

  56. Michael Hiteshew,

    See the March 15 2015 Radio Free Europe link below —

    One Professional Russian Troll Tells All
    St. Petersburg blogger Marat Burkhard spent two months working at Russian troll factory. He describes a typical day and type of assignments he encountered.


  57. I’m pretty sure Grey Eagle is part of the Russian disinformation corps.

    So maybe should change the name to Lame Bear………

  58. I pray everyday that I am wrong. Stock up on food and gas, find a fall-out shelter, explain to the kids the special circumstances in which duck n cover works, and have a party on aug 15 when Jade Helm ends.

    Get nervous when Obama, the wife and kids all leave town to visit Cheyenne mountain.

  59. }}} Phil Stone said: Which I think is why all that old Firefox-book self-help stuff

    I was despairing of the current generation of youth, too, until I saw the movie “8 mile”, in 2000. While hardly a statistical universe, in it, presumably reflecting real events in some regards, two key events occur.

    He and his buds are sitting around, whining about how useless the government is, and noting that there’s this house nearby that had been abandoned for a long time, and how it was used as a site to take and rape a young girl in the recent past. They complain about how useless the authorities are, and someone pretty much says, “well, why don’t *you* DO something about it then?” They look at each other, and, in short order, they’ve spread gas all over the place and set fire too it.

    Not the most lawful of solutions, but, in the absence of good government, a functional and effective solution to the problem.

    Later in the film, his GF (played by the late Brittany Murphy), comes to his place of work, and starts a fight. His boss is displeased with this, and confronting Eminem’s character, Eminem starts to express his mantra, “It’s not my fault!” … but catches himself, and instead says, “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” — thereby suggesting he was taking responsibility for his actions.

    Just, in general, I think, a good, all around attitude shown in the movie — self-responsibility and a willingness to do things that need be done.

    No, not a proof of anything, but… to me, a ray of hope, that this appears in a mainstream movie.

    I sometimes think that the current generation still has the rebellious streak historically inherent in all Americans, but they’ve learned to hide it.

    I’m put in mind of Matt Groening’s Life In Hell strip, particularly, Life In School

  60. Let’s try this, maybe it works:

    Life In School</img

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