You are alone when trouble comes.

ISIS shooter

The saying is “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

I have a gun in my bedside table but do not carry one when I go out. At one time, about the time of the Rodney King riots, I had to go to LA to give a lecture and I put a gun in my car center console. This week I am thinking about terrorism and whether we will see an example next weekend.

Richard Fernandez has more to say about this today and, as usual, what he says is worthwhile. The photo above is of the ISIS murderer at Tunisia where he killed 30 people, all tourists, and walked along as though he was out for a stroll.


The staff of the hotel wash the blood from the site of the massacre.

Why did this happen ? Aside from the foolishness of British tourists going to a country where there was another attack recently. A previous attack killed 19 in March.

One commenter wondered what Someone was doing while this ‘tragedy’ occurred. “How come there was an alarm raised, carrying that machine gun, it was obvious to the onlookers in the picture. Somebody could have prevented another tragedy in the name of this perverse and ancient religion.”

Yes, where was that Someone ?

The West is filled with millions of people like Alex, all of them waiting for Someone.

Alex, a 23-year-old Sunday school teacher and babysitter, was trembling with excitement the day she told her Twitter followers that she had converted to Islam.

For months, she had been growing closer to a new group of friends online — the most attentive she had ever had — who were teaching her what it meant to be a Muslim. Increasingly, they were telling her about the Islamic State and how the group was building a homeland in Syria and Iraq where the holy could live according to God’s law.They are the product of a multi-decade campaign to deliberately empty people of their culture; to actually make them ashamed of it. They were purposely drained of God, country, family like chickens so they could be stuffed with the latest narrative of the progressive meme machine. The Gramscian idea was to produce a blank slate upon which the Marxist narrative could be written.

She is looking for Someone.

Too bad for the Gramscians that the Islamists are beating them to the empty sheets of paper. And they are better at it too.

George Orwell observed the takeover of hardcore Bolshevism by the periphery in the 1930s.

The first thing that must strike any outside observer is that Socialism, in its developed form is a theory confined entirely to the middle classes. The typical Socialist is not, as tremulous old ladies imagine, a ferocious-looking working man with greasy overalls and a raucous voice. He is either a youthful snob-Bolshevik who in five years’ time will quite probably have made a wealthy marriage and been converted to Roman Catholicism; or, still more typically, a prim little man with a white-collar job, usually a secret teetotaller and often with vegetarian leanings, with a history of Nonconformity behind him, and, above all, with a social position which he has no intention of forfeiting.

This is so typical of the gay marriage crowd who ignore the world while focusing on minutiae.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration ignores ISIS hostages.

The White House did not do enough to rescue the four Americans. During Steve’s imprisonment, it rarely worked with the hostages’ families, kept them in the dark, and was essentially passive, rather than discussing ways to secure their release.During Steve’s imprisonment, it rarely worked with the hostages’ families, kept them in the dark, and was essentially passive, rather than discussing ways to secure their release. And though the White House finally authorized an extraction attempt in late June 2014, it waited far too long to do so.

Whether this is a good idea is another matter but the Administration is doing nothing and worse than nothing,

The FBI was useless. Its tasks were alternately to extract information and to comfort the family. It never shared intelligence. One European hostage, who was incarcerated with the Americans and subsequently released, told me he was shocked that the FBI seemed more interested in gathering evidence to prosecute the hostage-takers than it was in locating the Americans. Our lead agent misled me on several occasions,

Fernandez’ advice is simple.

That Someone’s busy with transfat, transgender and alternative marriage issues. He can’t bother with protecting borders. Just leave your number and the time you called, and he’ll get back to you. The state has finally achieved both universal jurisdiction and total impotence at one and the same moment.

What is to be done? The first task is to start gathering a circle of friends who live within walking distance of your home. Four people — a handyman, a nurse or doctor, an ex-cop or soldier and a strongback for preference — will do. Your second task is to support the causes you care about. Volunteer at your church or club. If you have no club, start one. Donate to your favorite website. If you don’t have a favorite, find one or go online yourself. Buy the book of an author you admire. And switch off the damned telescreen.

I am not into conspiracy theories. I don’t think Obama wants to take our guns away to leave us helpless in the face of terrorists. On the other hand, what would he doing differently if that was what he wanted ?

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  1. Obama (as the current figurehead for the American Left) doesn’t want to take away our guns to leave us helpless in the face of terrorists.
    The Left wants to take away our guns, because disarming the citizenry is the primary policy item for the nascent tyrant.

  2. Ralph Peters has some thoughts about this.

    For all of their profound differences, the Islamic State and the Left have one purpose in common: They want to wipe out history so they can write it anew to support their utopias, the perfected societies of their inhuman fantasies.

    The Islamic State destroys wondrous monuments to prevent “pagan worship,” to purify Islam and restore the caliphate to a state of perfection it never possessed. Aiming at a less puritanical, if equally rule-bound utopia, the American Left has all but destroyed the teaching of history in our schools, scorning facts in favor of paternalistic condescension toward minorities.

    Thus it’s not enough to take the reasonable step of removing the Confederate Battle Flag from state and local government properties. That flag must be driven from the marketplace, from all public spaces and, at last, from the personal space, since it might be “hurtful,” even if hung in a basement. It’s admirable to celebrate the Black Panthers, but not for a struggling working man to honor a Civil War ancestor. In this case, brothers and sisters, bigotry ain’t a monopoly.

    Islamist State sledgehammers smash off the faces of classical-era statues. Our Left wants to remove Founding Fathers and others from our currency to replace them with minor figures that suit their agenda. Both actions are about mastering the past to control the future.

    His thoughts mesh well with those of Richard Fernandez about the Grampian theories of the left.

    In Marxist philosophy, the term cultural hegemony describes the domination of a culturally diverse society by the ruling class, who manipulate the culture of that society—the beliefs, explanations, perceptions, values, and mores—so that their ruling-class worldview becomes the worldview that is imposed and accepted as the cultural norm; as the universally valid dominant ideology that justifies the social, political, and economic status quo as natural, inevitable, perpetual and beneficial for everyone, rather than as artificial social constructs that benefit only the ruling class.

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled Confederate flag protest.

  3. If I read the follow-up story (on the Daily Mail, natch) The line of men along the beach, behind the Tunisian shooter – were a line of hotel employees being human shields. Which is pretty courageous, if the story is accurate. They lined up, protecting the tourists on the beach claimed by the next hotel, and the gunman backed off. According to another Daily Mail story, a contractor/building owner dumped an armload of tiles down on him from the fourth story, when he went along an alley, and that was the moment when he was stunned and distracted. I would guess that the locals in Tunisia are PO’d beyond rationality with this event. This is their living and the know it.

  4. My Greek trip is getting problematic every day. It’s amazing that the British tourists would go to Tunisia after March,

  5. These days I even think “what if” when going to a mall. I’m amazed too that the British would still go there – heck, I feel glad i saw Egypt when I did. Given what recently happened at Luxor would you go there today?

  6. No, I wouldn’t go to Luxor, hell, I won’t even go to NYC anymore. I’ve never slept well, diagnosed with PTSD in my twenties, my wife, “Jeez, you notice everything”…just got home and was taking my shoes off when the first plane hit, got down to the waterfront in time to see what was left, crash into the smoldering heap, know people who have not been back to work since, people who climbed onto a barstool and are still there, those who won’t leave the ground floor, won’t ride the subway…One acquaintance who had a heart attack in her cubicle and died right there, thought that the routine transformer explosion under the street was yet another visit…the last couple of years I’ve been reading and listening to those who use terms like SHTF, WROL. Remember years ago seeing an image of an Israeli farmer riding a tractor with a battle rifle slung over his shoulder and thought, “that’s nuts”

    Times like this I think of Lloyd Bridges, in Airplane:

  7. They should close some mosques here, but that’s unlikely unless a mosque does something really bad like refusing to allow a gay wedding.

  8. “something really bad like refusing to allow a gay wedding.”

    Gays are not stupid. They won’t go within miles of a mosque.

    Maybe if someone secretly hung a rainbow flag on one. Hmmm.

  9. We’ve got two fairly large facilities nearby, I drive past both most days of the week. Very little activity at either location. I posted about it on another blog and a couple of respondents remarked that they had a similar experience in their area, and wondered why and how they could stay afloat. We all acknowledged how difficult it is for small churches to get and keep members, let alone pay all the bills, with empty pews. Another poster suggested that we were discussing apples and oranges.

    We have friends in Suffolk County Long Island, typical western Long Island suburb, densely packed rows of neat little homes. Still a nice place, but “transitioning” I think, the pc term is. Hellish property taxes, and uber-layers of entrenched bureaucracy to go with the ridiculously high cost of living. Want to put up a privacy fence, blow out a dormer for some additional space?, plan ahead a few years and bring cash. I mention all this to say that when we still lived there, a home two blocks away from our friends had been sold, and turned into a mosk. Immediately the small street was jammed with cars, and groups of men, (not at all friendly, welcoming and waving, as we are strongly encouraged to do at our e-vangelical megachurch) but scowling and staring. I’m told that in the ten years since we’ve left, they have acquired all three of the abutting properties, and control traffic in the area. The building is multi-level and features turrets. Residents that eschew confrontation steer clear. I asked about the notoriously no-nonsense “Suffolk County Bulls”

    “never seen ’em over there”

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