Year Zero

“Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.” – Heinrich Heine

In the Middle East, where Islamic fundamentalists are tumbling down statues and ancient monuments, and destroying or disposing of every visible shred of pre-Islamic history, they are already burning people. Also drowning them, shooting them by the tens, dozens and fifties, decapitating them, and blowing them up with careful application of det-cord. Here in these United States the attention of enthusiasts for so-called “social justice” is also bent upon eradicating the past – to include those monuments dedicated to Confederate soldiers and heroes, streets named for them, and the very sight of the Confederate Battle Flag, even when used in a cheerfully rebellious television show mocking the sourpuss pretentions of a corrupt local authority.

This has to date already gone beyond actual Confederate monuments, including demands to deface that which is carved into the side of Stone Mountain; a statue of Christopher Columbus in Boston has been defaced, leading one to wonder what next? Mount Rushmore, perhaps, on the grounds that two of the four visages depicted were slave owners? Paintings and murals adoring historic post offices and government buildings everywhere? Other flags – to include state flags, or the Gadsden banner? All is grist to the slow grinding down of the modern-day social justice goblins wishing to obliterate history, reviahome much as the radical French revolutionists wished to eradicate all traces of history, even down to the days of the week and names of the months. The Khmer Rouge obliterated the history, art, and city populations – also in an attempt to take Cambodia back to Year Zero.

The uncomfortable question asked by someone aware of past efforts to erase history is that after monuments and murals – what next? There already is a battle raging over depictions of that flag on social media. Amazon, and other big national retailers were quick enough off the mark to drop sales of flags and items depicting the Confederate Battle Flag, in speedy deference to the social justice front – speed which hints at behind the scenes collusion. That aspect of the whole imbroglio is even more disquieting than the removal or defacing of monuments – what next will be declared beyond the pale, and removed from the market place … just because? Movies and books which counter the current politically correct trend will certainly fall under the baleful regard of the social justice front … and then perhaps evaporate from the marketplace. This is all very tidy and neat, no need to burn them in a public bonfire and put more pollution into the air.

Interesting times, as they say. Interesting times. Discuss.

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  1. When a new moral order replaces an old one, the old ways yield, re-interpreted, or are destroyed.

    These days are only the beginning.

  2. I’d have to agree with Eris as much as not wanting to. Just saw a clip of Dinesh talking about how he now must submit to court ordered psychiatric counseling. The judge saying his background in social work overrules actual doctors reports (as though it were all somehow justified and necessary in the first place)that claim he’s normal. Government doctors made this diagnosis. “Pass the bill, to uh, find out what’s in it”

  3. It’s interesting who destroys history and who doesn’t. William the Conqueror’s Doomsday Book is full of references to the reign of King Edward (the Confessor) which was presented as a period of legitimate property rights. And Willie was no sissy.

  4. And when, in 50 years, the social justice warriors decide to exhume Martin Luther King and tear down the King Center, who will stop them?

  5. “And when, in 50 years, the social justice warriors decide to exhume Martin Luther King and tear down the King Center, who will stop them?”

    I won’t lift a finger, myself, as I will be either 111, or dead by then. What these silly social justice goblins don’t quite grasp is that once all the laws, customs and courtesies are laid flat on the ground, no one will be able to stand in the winds that will blow. Least of all, them.
    How long did the French revolutionary idiocy last – and then they wound up with Napoleon. Not much of an improvement, all things considered. Perhaps WWI totally gutted the French – but I wonder if the Napoleonic wars didn’t do a bit of the job as well.

    The Cambodians were fortunate that anyone survived their bout with revolutionary idiocy and Year Zero.

  6. Our Social Justice Warriors have not yet run into any real opposition. They have always had the Coercive Organs of State Power on their side, and the courts, and the media, and the restraint in conduct that conservatives have and Leftists don’t. What will happen when they have stomped on someone’s last nerve, and instead of receiving a micro-aggression that they can whine about, they get a terminal macro-aggression? And the resulting peace and quiet is so popular, that the macro-aggressions become standard procedure?

    Pendulums swing both ways. And some of them resemble Edgar Allen Poe’s.

  7. Watching this reminds me if the benefits of being 77.

    These people are running amok and will be defenseless before a real bad person.

    The guys with guns and Confederate flags on pickup sucks are the same “People Sleep Peacefully in Their Beds at Night Only Because Rough Men Stand Ready to Do Violence on Their Behalf.”

    They will not know until it is too late what they have destroyed.

  8. How long did the French revolutionary idiocy last – and then they wound up with Napoleon.

    And the current republic celebrates the French Revolution.

    Whatever the future holds, “Americans” (for they will not be called that) of future will celebrate this time and celebrate the death of the Old Republic (with celebrations modeled on Folsom Street), in the name of Allah and the Caliph or in the name of Equality and the Premier, I cannot say. Probably both are wrong.

    Christians, should they survive here and there, will have the social position of witches. The primary moral connects will not be honesty (for example, Leftists have no ban on giving false witness, something they proclaim loudly) but conformity (thus the Leftist chant : “racist, sexist, homophobe.”).

    I find my imagination limited. I would like to think human nature itself rejects these evils, but thus far the world says otherwise. At the worst I expect a world-wide massacre of whites (to end “white privilege’); at best I expect a world-spanning EUSSR declining slowly until it weaknesses cause it to be torn apart.

    Why my people chose to surrender their liberty and prosperity in a frenzy of self-hate is beyond me. All the while proclaiming their love of “science.” [cue endless sardonic laughter]

    The new America, whatever its borders and language (it won’t be current English; Leftists from Nazis to SJWs will have purged the old forms and scripts–look at how many words have changed or been invented in our lifetime *cough* ms *cough*), will not be the USSR, but it won’t be free, either.

    I expect a new flag, a new anthem, a new constitution in my lifetime (because I”m not 77).

    I’d have to agree with Eris as much as not wanting to

    I didn’t take (and understand, as best I could) all those history and philosophy classes for nothing. I paid. 😏

    The Constitution holds no check or balance to the tyranny of judges. Blame the limited imaginations of the Founding Fathers. Not their first error, but the most important error.

    Interesting what autocorrect does.

    Autocorrect functions differently than I expected; a recent change, I think. Red underline for a misspelling; blue underline for an automatic change which can be reverted. I missed when this first took place.

  9. And to think that nearly forty years ago I advocated mass executions of Leftists. Too extreme, I was told. Too late, I answered.

  10. When the state government in Austin, Texas decides to abolish hundreds of counties (many named for Confederates or slave owners or rebels against Mexico)–all in the name of efficiency, of course–the merged counties will be renamed “Richards,” “Firestone,” etc. “Parker” county will be re-dedicated, as “King” county, WA was.

  11. “Christians, should they survive here and there, will have the social position of witches”

    I will admit to moments where I think this is probably now the case, and every day seems to bring more reasons to solidify this thinking.
    On the other hand, the faithful will believe there is a promise and a plan for those awaiting the Day of the Lord.

  12. “And when, in 50 years, the social justice warriors decide to exhume Martin Luther King and tear down the King Center, who will stop them?”

    A quick tour of the facility and grounds might indicate fifty years to be overly optimistic. (I would however, be interested in those FBI files…if they still exist)

  13. believe there is a promise and a plan

    IMHO, Christianity can be proved false. Not in the atheists’ sense or in the “where is your God now sense?” but in this way: God holds covenant with Jews. If Iran and its allies (e.g., Obama Democrats and the EU) annihilate Jews, then Christianity has been proven false. Excuses in the near term following such an event will be legion, but such an act is comparable only to the various predictions about the end of world which have never come true.

  14. You are probably correct. That fact that it hasn’t happened despite the enormous odds to the contrary should give us hope.

  15. IMHO there will always be a Jewish remnant. Israel is not the same as the “Jews” And there will always be a Christian remnant. The US or the Western World is not the “Christians.” Events in our lifetime can not disprove and are unlikely to prove the two covenants you speak of.


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