Key West

Chicagoboyz recently visited Key West in search of a halal gay marriage venue for a visiting Panamanian friend of ours. Here are a few random pics.

the chain gang's all here

Road Prison #426

beer & circuses

Mallory Square

national pastime

Mallory Square


Starbucks where Hemingway worked on his novels.

Hemingway pissed here

Hemingway pissed here.

foam pirate scimitars

Authentic foam pirate scimitars used by Hemingway.




Famous Key West chicken, possibly descended from one of Hemingway’s chickens.

laid to rest in key west

End of the line.


11 thoughts on “Key West”

  1. Did you find any Christian bakers you could force to make the wedding cake? Always great fun and the traditional way to celebrate halal gay weddings!

  2. Road Prison #426

    I didn’t know what it is until I googled it. The inmates do road and other infrastructure maintenance. In the old days this was the chain gang and brutal. Now it’s the most desirable FL prison because only inmates with good disciplinary records are sent there, there are no gangs and the inmates get to work outside, in some cases at facilities that might offer after-prison employment. Discipline is light because no one wants to get in trouble and be sent back to a regular prison.

  3. Used to drive down Hwy 1 to go diving but never went further than Marathon. Was on a ship cruise that stopped at Key West – couldn’t get over how turquoise the water is

    Somehow I don’t think Papa was a Starbucks kinda person.

  4. My step-dad was a retired Navy chief. After retirement he worked for the County sheriff’s department at Road Camp #5 as a guard in NW Florida. They would take the prisoners out to work on the roads and do other public works unskilled labor.

    My best friend in high school ran into a bit of trouble with the law after graduation and spent time as an inmate at Road Camp #5.

    When we reconnected many years later I told him about my new step-dad (“Captain Hank”), he exclaimed, “Captain Hank! Captain Hank saved my life!”

    My friend learned some hard lessons at Camp 5 and went on to become a state attorney.

    The point is the road camp experience can turn lives around for the better. Yankees mock them too often and they survive for a reason.

  5. >> couldn’t get over how turquoise the water is

    That comes from water with a high content of calcium carbonate, the stuff that precipitates out to become lime mud and, over time, limestone.

  6. Do they have a Kroeger in Key West?

    Bike ride over to “Fausto’s” , a great mom and pop provisioner.

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