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  • Outdoor Adventures

    Posted by Michael Hiteshew on December 20th, 2015 (All posts by )

    Jamal Green makes multi-day hikes across Utah and other interesting places, and then produces videos showing interesting moments along the way.

    (Image source.)

    His website Across Utah! is a good starting point for videos, maps, and recommendations for gear.

    During several of his hikes, Jamal crosses a spectacular feature called the Water Pocket fold, the edge of a monoclinal fold that eroded away across the crest leaving the edges as upturned rocks pointing into the sky. If you’re interested in a professional geological look, visit Written In Stone and travel along with Dr. Jack Share in a regional overflight, Flight Plan: Part II – Geology of the Circle Cliffs Uplift and the Waterpocket Fold at Capitol Reef National Park.

    In Zion National Park is the strenuous and famously scary hike up to Angel’s Landing…

    And on the other side of the world, the Biluti River in Siberia is a mecca for whitewater Kayaking.


    9 Responses to “Outdoor Adventures”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      Thanks. The Written in Stone discussion is fascinating.

    2. Robert Schwartz Says:

      Michael: Do you have a link to the first photograph above?

    3. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Robert, more versions: Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park

    4. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Robert, for future reference, you can usually hover over any image on the web, right click, and select ‘Search Google for image’. You can track down the source(s) of almost any image that way.

    5. Robert Schwartz Says:

      Thank you, Michael.

    6. Whitehall Says:

      One of my most memorable camping trips was to Capitol Reef. The main campground is nestled between a giant cliff (the reef) and a rushing stream. It was the site of a pioneer Mormon orchard and homestead and was an absolute delight – but no showers!

      Not crowded but out of the way and highly recommended.

      Another little-known park is just over the border in Nevada – Wheeler Peak. A sky island with the darkest skies in the country. I was camping without a tent during an August meteor shower and was awoke by what I at first thought was lightning. But no, it was the meteors illuminating the landscape.

    7. Sgt. Mom Says:

      I think that some of my most memorable camping adventures was in Lutheran summer camp in the high San Bernardino Mountains, when we would hike up a certain nearby small mountain at dusk, with our sleeping bags, and sleep overnight at a helicopter pad carved out at near the peak of that mountain. Not very comfortable, sleeping on the ground, but watching the stars wheeling overhead … indescribably beautiful.

    8. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Jon, not sure if you noticed, but the photos at Written in Stone are clickable and take you into a scrollable gallery of higher res photos. Very cool feature.

    9. Jonathan Says:

      No, I hadn’t noticed. Thanks!