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  • Sign of the Times

    Posted by Jonathan on December 25th, 2015 (All posts by )

    lost drone


    8 Responses to “Sign of the Times”

    1. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      I wonder if it was a Christmas gift, lost already!

    2. Mrs. Davis Says:

      It’s red. ChiCom fur sure.

    3. Mike K Says:

      Two young men came to the door this morning and asked if they could retrieve their helicopter from our back yard,

    4. Bill Brandt Says:

      Prolly in a place it wasn’t supposed to be

    5. Tyouth Says:

      A few weeks ago a guy was walking down our road (in the country) following his drone; “looking for my dog”, he said.

    6. Philip Says:

      Does the drone have a name? The artwork is uncharacteristically precise-looking.

    7. Jonathan Says:


    8. dearieme Says:

      We gave a drone for Christmas. It now sits four gardens down from the recipient’s house, awaiting the return of the householders from their holiday break, so that the owner can reclaim it. I’ve told him that the cats and foxes will have destroyed it before then, but at least he’ll have photos of the guilty parties.