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  1. Shocked, I tell you, shocked that I’ve heard nothing from U.S. media about what Grurray linked. Another case of what Michael summed: nothing to see here, move along.

    Setting the joking aside, I cannot see any trivial resolution for Cologne or Germany…or the U.S.

  2. My error: the linked story came from the NYT. So the U.S. media has reported it.

    But I still don’t see any easy solution. All the responses I can think of end up meaning some group of people or groups of people will suffer, whether it be true asylum seekers, locals who loose civil liberty, chaos of riots,…the general sorts of things that happen when people legitimately fear but cannot see how to protect themselves. That in turn means said responses will require a lot of political will not to mention skill. On the other hand, the reported attack has such blatancy that they might prove a catalyst sufficient to create at least the will.

  3. The only places I saw it, as of a couple of hours ago, was BBC and heard about NYT carrying it. And it was on ZEROHEDGE, which is, of course, not a mass market.

    Key points to note:

    Germany is, and has been, on a major terrorist alert. This is on top of the mayhem for New Years Eve, which also calls out a major police presence. The place was crawling with cops, SWAT teams, and probably the military.

    This happened in Köln in the big square between the Hauptbahnhoff and the Cathedral. When a place is crawling with cops expecting Islamic terrorists, and groups of a few hundred Muslim men totaling 1000 turn up in front of a freaking Cathedral, ya think that someone might get a clue that this is not normal?

    In that crowd, full of cops, 90 women are robbed, sexually assaulted, and/or raped. One of the victims was a female police auxiliary on duty. And no one took notice, reacted, or tried to apprehend anybody???!!!??? If someone attacked one of our female officers, we would be playing . . . some very serious games.

    The only official reaction is that they are having high level meetings in the police, from the BBC account. Mass rape and robbery; and they are not tearing things apart, and news of it is being suppressed for obvious reasons.

    The Bundesregierung has thrown the German people to the wolves. And you can bet your sucrose infused specimen of Equus africanus asinus that they know it.

    The games are about to commence.

  4. >> and news of it is being suppressed for obvious reasons.

    I read somewhere a few weeks ago that lots of Germans were complaining about muslim immigration on FB, twitter, websites and other social and public. The police made several hundred arrests for ‘hate speech’, which included seizing cellphones, computers etc.

    Shut up, they explained. And keep it shut. The American left would LOVE to be able to do the same here.

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