Check Your Privilege

Forum shopping the prosecution of felonies by choosing the campus courts or the criminal courts is a massive case of privilege that is not available to most Americans and favored most strongly by today’s campus Left.

Check your privilege indeed.


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  1. Sure. However, the people pushing the campus sex-assault witch trials are driven by power and will not respond to mere arguments. Effective responses will require countervailing power in the form of lawsuits, closer oversight of public institutions by state legislatures, federal legislation to prohibit unjust practices by universities and federal bureaucracies, and the withdrawal of funding by prospective students and their parents.

  2. Unfortunately, Marco Rubio is up to his neck in the war on college men.

    One might have expected an aggressive response by House Republicans to such gross abuses of power — including subpoenas, tough oversight hearings, and corrective legislation. Instead, most of them have been mute. In the Senate, meanwhile, presidential candidate Marco Rubio of Florida, Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley of Iowa, and rising star Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire have teamed with Democratic demagogues Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Claire McCaskill of Missouri in co-sponsoring a bill that would make matters even worse.

    Why does Rubio keep inserting himself in these leftist agenda items ?

  3. Why does Rubio keep inserting himself in these leftist agenda items ?

    Because he’s inexperienced and has poor judgment. But don’t worry, he’s only running for president.

  4. “Why does Rubio keep inserting himself in these leftist agenda items?”

    Could the reason be that his “conservatism” is mostly fake window dressing? That he’s really just a Joe Lieberman Democrat?

    Don’t get me wrong, a Joe Lieberman Democrat is far preferable to the Democrats we have now. But I really do pick up a vibe from Rubio that, aside from foreign policy, the rest of his conservative rhetoric is just an act, and, but for happenstance (and, perhaps, his being Cuban-American in Florida), he could easily have ended up in the other party (as, for example, Colin Powell and Condi Rice could have).

    Maybe I’m being unfair. So sue me.

  5. >>>>”Why does Rubio keep inserting himself in these leftist agenda items ?”<<<<

    Because he is a Leftist at heart, being basically a Democrat. [There are no moderate Democrats left, just as there are no moderate Muslims.]

    But that does not make him that far off the Whig Party whose nomination he is running for.

    Emperor Buraq Hussein I [PBUH -Place Bacon Upon Him] just ruled by decree that he can at will modify the Second Amendment to the Constitution. All of the details are not out, but so far it seems that without due process a doctor can revoke someone’s right to own firearms, that the Social Security Administration can do the same for anyone drawing Social Security, and a national firearms registry is being created in conjunction with this. Further, the BATFE can, at their option without regulatory or statutory guidelines, declare that a person who only sells one firearm should have had a FFL and therefore has committed a felony.

    One would expect that if the Whigs were really separate from the Democrats, that they would be screaming like a ruptured Bann Sidh. As of this writing, Congress has not expressed any interest in actually countering this. According to Reuters:

    Republican leaders were quick to denounce Obama’s gun changes, with most Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential race promising to reverse his actions if they win the White House.

    We have had denunciations and promises before. And especially since 2014 they have broken every one. If they don’t act now, they are not going to.

    When it is clear that there will be no opposition, I wonder what other provisions of the Constitution will be found to be optional by the White House.

  6. I guess now we know why the Social Security Agency was procuring all that ammo for its special agents a few years ago. Why they needed armed agents in the first place was a head scratcher until this latest development.

  7. Jonathan – I wanted to keep the post short. I’m not talking about a position to be taken in an oxford debate. I’m talking about people losing their jobs and demanding that the privilege based justice system being conducted on campus be dismantled as a matter of social justice. Let the left argue the pro-privilege side, if they dare. It will destroy them.

  8. “Let the left argue the pro-privilege side, if they dare. It will destroy them.”

    You spend an awful lot of time, and pseudo intellectual effort, setting up these little traps. Perhaps something useful is beyond you. It reminds me of the weasel, fox had working for them, a while back.

  9. Jonathan:
    “Because he’s inexperienced and has poor judgment.”

    Rubio is a JD, which means that he ought to have the background by education alone to grasp this kind of issue whatever his experience in office. Which spotlights his judgment.

    What’s Cruz’s take?

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