Humble Oil
In San Saba, Texas. (Which, I am told, is correctly pronounced “San Say-bah” locally.) I met there on Monday with a gentleman who is a descendant of Frank Hamer, in the course of doing a book-talk presentation. I also met with a descendant of John Meusebach.  I heard all about a Meusebach daughter, who became a dentist and had an extraordinarily interesting life.

You never know what you are going to find out about in small-town Texas.

And I got some nice pictures in San Saba, and in the next town over, called Cherokee.

6 thoughts on “Humble”

  1. I had forgotten all about Humble Oil which if I am not mistaken was a TX Oil Co. My Dad’s company for years dealt wit the oil companies, and I can remember visiting Shell in Houston and I htink the hotel’s bar was called Spindletop.

  2. “large overhangs on the roof.”

    I don’t know why they are not popular but it might be related to strong wind storms there.

    “Blue Norther” is not a cold Yankee but a ferocious wind storm in winter.

  3. This wasn’t a house – but a gas station. I think it is a reconstruction, or a heavily-restored version of the original. Don’t know why there aren’t any pumps outside, or a canopy. There are a lot of other vintage gas stations I have seen that do have them.

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