A Blogroll Aggregation & Aimless Musings

Robert Fulford sees Naomi Klein, “a friend to Hezbollah, an enemy of logic,” in battle with the Chicago boys. We are not surprised by the winner. Not that her technique can’t be exasperatingly effective with those who actually try to engage: “Her rule: When facts conflict with theory, change the subject.” (From A&L)

On a more cheerful note, contrary to the beliefs in my daughter’s circle,  Lomberg tells us polar bears are on the increase.

Jim Miller analyzes what bloggers can and do do. David All argues for a much more directed (and ambitious) role in changing public opinion. He seems to see “preditors” as the men in the gray flannel suits of the 21st century. Aside: The contrast between the bright sky & dry landscape Miller takes us to and Jonathan’s wonderful pictures of Miami’s lush, saturated color makes us aware – if we ever forget – how broad America is, and how various the geography and culture between Florida and Oregon.

And for those entertained by human nature, Taranto links to the story of a Bosnian couple who is divorcing after finding their “soulmates” are each other, that sympathetic voice online is their ball & chain in the real world. (And do people still speak of their spouses as ball and chains? Is that a fifties phrase that’s gone the way of lusts for minks and fifties’ hi-fi?) As always, country music provides a sound track.

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