5 thoughts on “Climate Change”

  1. My son was disgusted that they received six inches of snow for Opening Day. He suggested that it may have been unprecedented. “Chem trails”, I replied, “ain’t no joke”.

  2. prehistoric yellow-ice comet

    Was that the one the prehistoric ancestors of the Huskies went to?

  3. What a beautiful scene. I’m glad such wonderful experiences exist for people.
    BTW, speaking of boats, check this 1974 Riva Aquarama. When I was younger, I saw a wooden Chris-Craft built in the 50’s that was a lot like that Riva. Gorgeous boat.

  4. “the fabled Lost Republican City of Atlantis”

    You’ve heard of the ‘shining city on the hill’? Well Chicago was built on a swamp, but it was out of that primordial soup that Republicanism emerged.

    A fellowship bound by the simple idea that the normal condition of all the territory of the United States is that of freedom, and
    “That the people justly view with alarm the reckless extravagance which pervades every department of the Federal Government; that a return to rigid economy and accountability is indispensable to arrest the systematic plunder of the public treasury by favored partisans; while the recent startling developments of frauds and corruptions at the Federal metropolis, show that an entire change of administration is imperatively demanded.

  5. I have a memory of traveling through Ripon, WI, as a child some 50+ years ago where my Grandfather pointed out the site of the founding of the Republican Party. I knew nothing of politics, and was summarily un-impressed.
    Seems to me that a return to the original intention of the party formation would ring a lot of bells with the voters. If only.

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