Boomers Like It Hot

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“Whether they’re trekking to the newest Nicaraguan, Tunisian, or Vietnamese restaurant, picking up cooking tips from intrepid TV chefs, or prowling the aisles of international markets, boomers want strong, complex flavors and new preparations to jazz up their daily fare.”

We boomers keep going – and going – and going.   The Viagra of the culinary orgies has become, apparently, hot sauce and, as our taste buds decay, we buy chili peppers and cayenne garlic hot sauce.

Tonight we ate at one of the fancier local places and I ordered, baby boomer that I am, a chipotle penne pasta in cream sauce.  It may have looked like comfort food but after the fourth glass of water, I gave up.  Maybe my buds (unlike other parts of me) haven’t deteriorated all that much.  Or maybe I’m just too old to take the heat.

4 thoughts on “Boomers Like It Hot”

  1. -Individuals vary widely in their tolerance of spicy food.

    -Some spices are easier to take than others.

    -Some cooks overspice everything.

    -As with chemical fires, water is not necessarily the best suppressant. Try bread.

  2. Well, I hadn’t thought of this as a “Dear Abby” post, but I appreciate the advice. Of course, I always figured one of the great virtues of TexMex in the summer was ensuring sufficient hydration.

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